Outlines Of Indian Legal History PDF By M P Jain

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Outlines Of Indian Legal And Constitutional History Book PDF Free Download

Outlines Of Indian Legal History Book PDF Free Download

Outlines Of Indian Legal History PDF By M P Jain

The emergence of the British Empire in India stands out as an event of unique interest in the history of the World.

Unlike many other empires, the magnificent edifice of the British Kingdom in India was the creation of merely a company–a corporation.

Which was originally conceived purely for furthering the British commercial interests in overseas countries.

This Company was commonly known as the East India Company. It was incorporated in England on the last day of December 1600, by a Charter of Queen Elizabeth.

The full official title of the Company was “The Governor and Company of Merchants of England trading into the East Indies”

This Charter settled the constitution, powers, and privileges which were to be enjoyed by the Company.

The Company was to have a life of fifteen years in the first instance.

But the Charter could be revoked earlier by the Crown on two years’ notice at the trade carried on by the Company did not appear to be profitable to the realm.

During this period of Elteen years, the Company was ta carry on trade into and from the countries lying beyond the Cape of Goodhope eastward to the strengths of Magellan.

These geographical limits incorporated many important countries like India, America, and Africa, etc The right of the Company to carry on trade within this area was to be exclusive.

No other British object could any on trade within this sphere Unauthorised rs wens to be liable to for feature of their goods.

Ships, and tackle, and to imprisonment or such other punishment as might appear to be meer content.

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Outlines Of Indian Legal History Book PDF Free Download

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