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Lust For Life Book PDF Free Download

Lust For Life

“MONSIEUR VAN GOGH! It’s time to wake up! “

Vincent had been waiting for Ursula’s voice even while be slept I was awake, Mademoiselle Ursula,” he called back.

“No you weren’t,” the girl laughed, “but you are now.” He stuck his face into the wreath of Brabanene grass and oak leaves on the chief former.

His brother Theo had gathered it He heard her go down the stairs and into the kitchen. Vincent put his hands under him, gave a shove, and sprang out of bed.

His shoulders and chest were massive, his arms thick and powerful. He slipped into his clothes, poured some

cold water out of the ewer, and stropped his razor. Vincent enjoyed the daily ritual of the shave. down the broad cheek from the night sideburn to the corner of the voluptuous mouth.

The night half of the upper lip from the nostril out, then the left half; then down the chin, a huge, rounded slab of warm granite.

From the heath near Zundert and sent it to London for him, The smell of Holland in his nose started the day off right.

“Monsieur Van Gogh.” called Ursula, knocking on the door again, “the postman just left this letter for you.” He recognized his mother’s handwriting as he tore open the envelope.

Dear Vincent,” he read, “I am going to put a word to bed on paper for you.”

His face felt cold and damp so he stuck the letter into his trouser pocket, intending to read it during one of his many leisure moments at Goupil’s.

He combed back his long. thick, yellow-red hair, put on a stiff white shirt, low collar, and a large knotted four-in-hand black tie, and descended to breakfast and Ursula’s smile.

Ursula Loyer and her mother, the widow of a Provençal curate, kept a kindergarten for boys in a little house in the back garden.

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Lust For Life Book PDF Free Download

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