Lorenzo In Taos(1933) By Mabel Dodge Luhan PDF

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Lorenzo In Taos(1933) Book PDF Free Download

Lorenzo In Taos(1933) Book PDF Free Download

Lorenzo In Taos

YOU KNOW, Jeffers, after I net you, I felt that you and Lawrence ought to know each other.

That you would 1 ave liked and understood each her, and I asked you to give me the two books of poems to send to him, and to write so one thing in one of them especially ly for him.

You chose sorell when you wrote: This coast crying out for tragedy…. I said in my heart,

“Better invent than suffer: imagine victims Lest your own flesh le chosen the agonist.**

Then, before they ever reached him, just in those two weeks, he was dead-and now you will never meet.

But I am going to try and tell you about Lawrence. I will tell you what I went through in my friendship (if that’s what it was) with him.

Of the mass of contradictions and shocks, one had to accept from him.

And how, no matter what happened, once one really knew him, really saw the essential thing in him.

Nothing that he said or did matter; everything finally seemed to one to be a deplorable but inevitable activity that he was compelled to carry on.

Of course one didn’t really get the man in his books, although he spent twenty years trying to put himself and Frieda into them.

I know when I read him in Taos, especially Sea and Sardinia and Tortoises and Birds, Beasts and Flowers, I thought:

“Here is the only one who can really see this Taps country and the Indians, and who can describe it so that it is as much alive between the covers of a book as it is in reality.”

For Taos had something wonderful in it, like the dawn of the world.

AuthorMabel Dodge Luhan
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Lorenzo In Taos(1933) Book PDF Free Download

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