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The present grammar is mainly based on Keshav’s Shabdamanidarpan. The vocabulary of his grammar is simple and fits the three dialects of Kannada. It would also be interesting to learn the general way of teaching Kannada grammar of an ancient native scholar.

During the reign of Keshava, most of the rules of Kannada grammar were finalized. That there were grammarians before him who did not deserve that name appears from his quoting a portion of the Kāṇḍa verse which is quoted in its entirety in the Sabadanussana (under its sutra 469), which we translate as follows ‘Remain, O daughters! Can the unprofitable grammarian, the unprofitable sophist, and the rustic have as (their) subject the gem of poetic composition which is the subject of the gathering of very clever poets?’

As far as forms of the old and modern Kannada alphabet are concerned, they are varieties of the so-called Varna, an alphabet that was used for inscriptions in the cave ashrams of Buddhists in India (for example in Salsette, Kanhari, Nashik, Sahyadri. , Ajanta), and rests on the Southern Ashoka character.

This character was used in the inscriptions of Buddhist king Ashoka around 250 BC. Different forms of letters used for Kannada inscriptions appear in different periods, the earlier forms being largely different from the letters of the modern Kannada alphabet.

At the time of the composition of Basavapuran in 1369 AD, the old alphabet had already ended. Of use, because the author of that work has described the letters of Old Kannada (0) as belonging to the past.

The Kannada language in the old inscriptions (of Kadamba, Ganga, Calukya, Rashtrakuta, and other kings), samples of which exist, date back to about 600 AD, is not the same as the Kannada language of the present day; is what is called Old Canaris.

This Old Canaris is also the language or literary style of the early Kannada writers. It may be said that its use continued until the middle of the 13th century (see § 109), when gradually the language of inscriptions and literary works began to show a tendency to become modern Canarese or the popular and colloquial dialect. present time.

A characteristic of the literary or classical style of early writers is its extraordinary amount of polish and sophistication. The classical writers were Jains.

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Kannada Language Grammar PDF Free Download

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