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A surprising intellectual leap in housing design took place in Japan during the 14th century. This was an idea so powerful that it resonated for the next 600 years, and still retains enough influence in Japan as shown in the houses in this book.

This intellectual leap sought to “eliminate the inessential, and seek the beauty in unembellished humble things. It sought spaciousness in deliberately small spaces and a feeling of eternity in fragile and temporary materials.

A house’s interior was not to be just protected from nature but to be integrated with nature in harmony. Influential Zen Buddhist priests in the Muromachi and Momoyama

Periods articulated this ideal so well that thought leaders in many fields followed it, and the entire Japanese society aspired to it. What resulted were homes that speak to the soul and seem to hold time still.

They provide a quite simple base from which to deal with the world. Around the time that European and English homes were becoming crammed with exotic bric-a-brac collected from the newly established colonies,

Japanese Zen priests were sweeping away even the furniture from their homes. Out also went any overt decorations.

What was left was a simple flexible Space that could be used according to the reeds of the hour At right the bedrolls were taken from deep share cupboards, and during the day they were replaced, making space for meals, work, play, and entertaining.

This “lightness was in part a response to Japan’s still frequent earthquakes, and in part to the Buddhist teachings about the transient nature of all things.

It is interesting to note that this ephemerality is not reflected in the architect-able tradition in India, China, or Korea, the three countries es. from where Buddhism arrived in Japan.

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Japan Style Architecture Interiors & Design Book Pdf Free Download

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