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Annotated Index To The Cantos Of Ezra Pound Book PDF Free Download

Annotated Index To The Cantos Of Ezra Pound

To name all those who have, in one way or another, contributed to these notes would be to name a multitude.

We are grateful, however, for the chance to emphasize our thanks to the following the Committee on Research of the University of Coliforms, which supported this work from its beginning.

John J. Espey and Frederse Peachy, each of whom contributed to the annotations through months of notes and comments.

That ended with careful and cunning readings of the manuscript, = a book like this is conceived in doubt and born in error.

They have worked for its redemption, Thomas Parkinson, who recognized a need and suggested a way, to colleagues at the University of California.

Especially Elroy Bundy, Francis Carmody, Giovanni Cecchetti, Chen Shih-Haiang, Arthur E. Gordon, Richard Irwin, Edwin S.

Morby, Warren Hamsey, Arturo Torres-Rioseco, Ronald Walpole, and the faculty of the Department of English: readers of the Pound Newsletter who kindly answered queries published.

There whale this work was in progress all such assistance has been acknowledged in the pages of the newsletter, but we wish to reaffirm our gratitude to the following.

We also stand in debt to those who contributed to this book by preparing the translations of the foreign language expressions.

All translations were subject to later editing and the responsibility for final decisions is ours alone: Fernando Alegría (Spanish), Thomas Bishop (French).

A Note on Method and Bibliography

It may be of interest to some to know how the Annotated Index was prepared. A copy of the New Directions edition of the Cantos, second printing, second state, was marked for all items to be included in this book.

From this marked copy, a typist prepared cards arranged for key sort-type handling, typ- ing one line to the card except when the entry continued beyond the basic line.

After the cards were checked against the text, they were punched for canto number, alphabet, person-place-thing designation, and, as necessary; the foreign language(s) involved. Once punched, the cards could quickly be distributed by canto number or language or any other key desired.

After the punched cards, numbering about 7500 had been checked for accuracy, the annotations began. The Columbus Encyclopedia was the base work for the spelling of names, supplemented by Webster’s Biographical Dictionary, Webster’s Geographical Dictionary, and the New Century Cyclopedia of Names.

The annotation began with a careful reading of Pound’s own sources, especially Mailla’s Histoire Générale de la Chine and the Works of John Adams. At the same time, Pound’s books were reread; the following proved of most value to this work the Letters, Guide to Kulchur, Spirit of Romance, Confucius, Make It Now, the Literary Essays, and the Translations.

Special works on Pound were kept at hand: the Analyst series, edited at Northwestern University by Robert Mayo; Hugh Kenner’s The Poetry of Ezra Pound and Peter Russell (ed.) An Examination of Ezra Pound. The Yale notes, prepared by a group of students under the direction of Norman Holmes Pearson, were also used.

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Annotated Index To The Cantos Of Ezra Pound Book PDF Free Download

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