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IMC Product Latest Price List PDF Free Download

About IMC

It was the year 2007, when two enthusiastic individuals, Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia, decided to embark on a journey towards creating a better world.

A world of health, wealth, and comfort. And, in this quest, they started IMC, a direct selling company, which deals in organic Ayurvedic patented herbal, health, beauty, and personal care products.

Over the years, the organization has made a phenomenal advancement towards its goal by making individuals financially independent with its diligent marketing model and creating a healthier world with its finest organic products.

IMC Products Price List

Skin Care
1410601Aloe Almond Cream (60g)856520
1300901Aloe Anti Aging Cream (60g)390275100
1408201Aloe Berry Cream (10g)30257
1303101Aloe Besan Haldi Face Pack (150g)17014045
1302901Aloe Calamine Lotion (100ml)19016560
1303001Aloe Charcoal Face Wash (100g)19515055
1302701Aloe Cleansing Milk (100ml)13010030
1300501Aloe Face Wash Haldi Chandan (100g)25018065
1406101Aloe Facial Kit (Set Of 6 Tubes* 30 G)575475155
1401501Aloe Fairness Cream (60g)31021580
1409801Aloe Glow Powder (50g)1058025
1301901Aloe Kesar Bathing Bar Ayurvedic Skin Toner (75g)907725
1409401Aloe Mist (Moisturizing Lotion) (150ml)19515050
1302201Aloe Multani Mitti Bathing Bar Ayurvedic Skin Toner (100g)907725
1302301Aloe Panchgavya Bathing Bar Ayurvedic Skin Toner (75g)907725
1300601Aloe Rose Water (100ml)14511030
1302601Aloe Sunscreen Lotion (60g)19014050
1302801Aloe Turmeric Cream (60g)19014555
1413101Aloevera Bathing Soap (75g)42356
1412801Ayurvedic Skin Care Soap (100g)655012
1409901Charcoal Tulsi & Cucumber Soap (75g)755215
1303901Face Toner (100 ml)22518060
1300201Herbal Aloe Cream (60g)22015560
1401601Herbal Aloe Gel (100g)22015560
1105101Herbal Aloe Wipes (20 Pcs)1259032
1408401Herbal Face Pack (150g)17014045
1405101Herbal Face Scrub (150g)20516050
1301701Herbal Lip Glow (10g)806525
1409701Peel Off Mask (60g)13511035
Personal Care
1410001Aloe After Shaving Lotion (100ml)16513540
1410301Aloe Amla Hair Oil (100ml)907020
1101301Aloe Charcoal Dental Gel (100g)16012040
1401101Aloe Cracks Away Cream (60g)21015055
1410501Aloe Dant Cream (100g)806217
1401201Aloe Dental Cream (20g)32277
1500501Aloe Dental Cream (100g)1209525
1408001Aloe Shower Gel (200 ml)23017560
1409501Aloe Smooth Hair Removing Cream (100 g)18014542
1406001Antiseptic Talcum Powder (100g)1158525
1403701Dental Brush (1pc)554210
1410701Herbal Antiseptic Talcum Powder (20g)20164
1405701Herbal Henna (100 g)1209230
1408601Keshwin Almond Oil For Hair & Body (100 ml)25020065
1405901Keshwin Aloe Icy Hair Oil (100 ml)16513042
1407901Keshwin Anti Dandruff Shampoo (200 ml)24019565
1407801Keshwin Anti Hairfall Shampoo (200 ml)23017560
1408701Keshwin Hair Conditioner (150ml)21017055
1408301Keshwin Hair Oil (100 ml)16012542
1122001Massage Oil (100 ml)16012542
1404301Organic Noni Hair Color Shampoo (4 Pcs.)27020070
1412901Sanitary Napkins with Anions & Magnetic Energy (8 Pcs.)16012036
1406301Unisex Deodorant Spray (135 ml)19916545
1406401Unisex Pocket Perfume (20 ml)957520
Baby Care
1400601Aloe Baby Hair & Body Wash (200 ml)23018060
1400701Aloe Baby Massage Oil (100 ml)37526090
1400801Aloe Baby Skin Bar (75 g)957525
1400901Aloe Baby Talcum Powder (100 g)22516055
1401001Aloe Baby Wipes (72 Wipes)22518060
1109501Bal Shakti Tonic (250 ml)18014050
1400101Acupressure Pads (1 Pair)25019575
1124101Alkaline Mineral Drops + (30 ml)350240100
1111701Aloe Arjunarishta Tonic (500 ml)25520575
1101201Aloe Cal- D Tablets (30 Tablets)360270100
1105801Aloe Chyawan Gold (500 g)31026060
1123401Aloe Chyawan Gold No Added Sugar (500 g)32527560
1101401Aloe Digest (30 ml)16512550
1107701Aloe Fever Guard Tablets (30 Tablets)390275110
1111001Aloe Herbocid Tablet (30 Tablets)360255105
1102001Aloe Jyoti (Eye Drop) (10 ml)755220
1102101Aloe Jyoti Plus (Eye Drop) (10 ml)1259035
1102201Aloe KofKare Syrup (100 ml)907025
1102301Aloe KofKare Syrup (sugar Free) (100 ml)1108530
1102401Aloe Liv Kare Syrup (200 ml)13010030
1102501Aloe Liv Kare Syrup (sugar Free) (200 ml)16513040
1113301Aloe Liv Kare Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1130201Aloe Lohvati Tablet (30 Tablets)360255105
1102701Aloe Mind Bold Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1103101Aloe Mukta Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1103401Aloe Noni Juice Sugarfree (500 ml)650520220
1111801Aloe Pachak-Risht (500 ml)25520575
1103601Aloe Piles Away Cream (30 g)23017575
1103701Aloe Sanjivani Juice (500 ml)395325125
1111901Aloe Skin Guard Cream (30 g)13510540
1104001Aloe Spirulina Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1104801Aloe Stress Away Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1105001Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice (500 ml)395300125
1112001Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice (1000 ml)725540225
1513901Apple Cidar Vinegar (500 ml)495375125
1123101Ashwaganda & Shilajit Tablet (30 Tablets)645495225
1105301Balm (30 g)15011544
1105501Bio-Energy Magnetic Bracelet (1 Pc)21001500675
1100801Blood Purifier Syrup (200ml)16513048
1105901Daily Diet Tablets (30 Tablets)450310130
1403801Detox Foot Patch (Set Of 10 Pcs)990740325
1106101Elaichi Amrit (15 ml)25018070
1106901Fat Away Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1107801Flax Seeds (100 g)16013548
1108101Fresh Morning Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1123201Giloy & Pappaya Tablet (30 Tablets)27018572
1122901Glucosamine Tablet With Guggal And Sallaki (30 Tablets)450345140
1109001Heart Strong Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1124301Herbal Fever Guard Syrup (200 ml)19515055
1107601Herbal Fever Guard Syrup (500 ml)490355140
1109801Herbal Gomutra (500 ml)395300125
1110001Herbal Gomutra (1000 ml)725530215
1408501Herbal Hand Sanitizer (50 gm)25256
1409001Herbal Hand Sanitizer (60 ml)30286
1408101Herbal Hand Sanitizer (500 ml)25021050
1408901Herbal Hand Sanitizer (With Pump) (500 ml)25022050
1115701Herbal Protiwon For Complete Family Chocolate (300 g)575445165
1110701Herbal Protiwon For Complete Family Vanilla (300 g)575445165
1115901Herbal Protiwon For Children (300 g)550425150
1110801Herbal Urinorm Syrup (200 ml)15012040
1120201Herbal Urinorm Tablets (30 Tablets )360255105
1111401Himalayan Berry Juice (500 ml)675520220
1111101Himalayan Berry Juice (1000 ml)1250950400
1112201Immune 20x Tablets (30 Tablets)27018572
1122401Immune Kit (1 Pc)13101000402
1112301Jeevan Shakti Ras (500 ml)450360135
1112701Knight Power Oil (20 ml)540375170
1412001Mosquito Repellent Cream (60gm)997520
1122701Naturomega Capsules (30 Capsules)700510200
1122501Neem Pure Tablets (30 Tablets)25519580
1121801Omega 3-6-9 with Vitamin D3 Fish Oil Capsules (30 Tablets)690510195
1113901Ozonizer (1 Pc)800060002400
1114101Pain Away Cream (30 g)13010036
1121901Pain Away Oil (50 ml)1158525
1114601Pain Away Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1115001Piles Away Tablets(30 Tablets)360255105
1115801Protiwon For Body Builders (1 kg)26002100750
1116501Pyari Saheli Syrup (200 ml)14511540
1116601Pyari Saheli Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1112101Shri Haldi Curcumin With Kesar (20 ml)19515055
1117201Shri Tulsi (20 ml)19515055
1117301Shri Tulsi Lozenges (18 Lozenges)13510540
1512001Steviafos Liquid (10 ml)29522070
1118401Sugar Away Ras (500 ml)31025090
1118701Sugar Away Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1123001Super Health Capsule (30 Capsules)650515220
1119101Super Nourish Moringa Tablets (30 Tablets)450350160
1122801Triphal Tablet With Isabgol (30 Tablets)27018072
1119701Tru Health Capsules (30 Capsules)570440190
1112901Tru Knight Power Tablets (30 Tablets)620480210
1121201Wheat Gold Tablets (30 Tablets)360255105
1513801Wild Amla Shakti Ras (500 ml)25019560
Agriculture and Veterinary
1900901Activator (100 ml)15012040
1900701Activator (500 ml)650510180
1901001Herbal Agro Growth Booster (100 ml)957528
1900301Herbal Agro Growth Booster (500 ml)450330135
1900201Herbal Agro Growth Booster (1 Ltr)775595250
1900801Herbal Aloe Vical (500 ml)907019
1900501Herbal Aloe Vical (5 Ltr)725540150
1900601Herbal Aloe Vita (1 Kg)300235100
Home Care
1500201Aloe Bright Bar (100 g)28235
2302101Auto Wash (300 ml)16012540
1517501Dish Gold (250 ml)1209020
1517101Eco Brite Detergent Powder (1 kg)22518045
1517301Eco Lite Detergent Powder (1 kg)19014235
1517401Fabric Gold (900 ml)37529075
1503701Floor Gold (100 ml)1209527
1504301Glass Cleaner (500 ml)13511025
1508001Herbal Neem Dhoop Stick (10 Sticks)352710
1513201Multi-Utility Containers (Set of 3)1095925240
1510701Nirogya Camphor & Clove Agarbatti (10 Pouches)604515
1513301Power Shaker (1 Pc.)27021060
1513501Safe Steel Lunch Box (1Pc.)650525150
1512501Toilet And Bathroom Cleaner (500 ml)14011530
Food Products
1100601Aloe Amla Candy (200 g)1259920
1514001Anti-Oxidant Tea (250 g)14511025
1502001Badam-e-kheer (140 g)1208520
1502601Chana Masala Powder (100 g)958020
2001801Chat Masala Powder (100 g)806015
2000901Desi Basmati Rice (3 kg)27023430
2001601Dhania Powder (100 g)50387
2001901Garam Masala Powder (100 g)856515
1108201Gas Away Churan (100 g)19514555
2000601Green Chilli Pickle (250 g)1159025
1513601Green Tea With Himalayan Berry & Herbs (2 g x20 Pouches)16013040
1516001Herbal Mix Veg Soup (10 g x10 Pouches)13010020
2000101Himalayan Berry Swadisht Pachan Churan (100 g)14011040
1509501Kesar Kulfi Falooda (180 g)1208520
2001301Kitchen King Powder (100 g)806715
2001501Lal Mirch Powder (100 g)806013
2000301Mango Pickle (250 g)1159025
2000401Mix Berry Jam (300 g)13010530
1516801Pure Coffee (50 g)16012035
1514101Riceen (Rice Bran Oil) Pouch (1 ltr.)23521530
2001101Saboot Jeera (100 g)907015
2001701Sendha Namak Powder (500 g)756215
1509301Tomato Ketchup (600 g)15012530
2001401Turmeric Powder (100 g)604510
1513001Smart Alkalizer (1 Pc)39500299908500
Garments and Apparels
1700101Anti Pollution Face Mask (1 Pc)655015
1708201Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial Face Mask (1 Pc)998025
1802701Boxers (Size 90)29522575
1802801Boxers (Size 95)29522575
1802901Boxers (Size 100)29522575
1803001Boxers (Size 105)29522575
1803101Boxers (Size 110)29522575
1802201Briefs (Size 90)16012540
1802301Briefs (Size 95)16012540
1802401Briefs (Size 100)16012540
1802501Briefs (Size 105)16012540
1802601Briefs (Size 110)16012540
1700301Cap (1 Pc)27019550
1712201Collar T Shirt Gents (Size-M)850725175
1707901Collar T-Shirt Gents (Box Packing) (Size- L)625510125
1708001Collar T-Shirt Gents(Box Packing) (Size-XL)625510125
1708101Collar T-Shirt Gents (Box Packing) (Size- XXL)625510125
1710401Collar T-Shirt Gents English (Box Packing) (Size- M)625510125
1710501Collar T-Shirt Gents English (Box Packing) (Size-L)625510125
1710601Collar T-Shirt Gents English (Box Packing) (Size XL)625510125
1701401Collar T-Shirt Gents Telugu (Box Packing) (Size-L)625510125
1701601Collar T-Shirt Gents Telugu (Box Packing) (Size-XL)625510125
1708301Collar T-Shirt Ladies(Box Packing) (Size-M)625510125
1708401Collar T-Shirt Ladies(Box Packing) (Size-L)625510125
1708501Collar T-Shirt Ladies(Box Packing) (Size-XL)625510125
1708601Collar T-Shirt Ladies(Box Packing) (Size-XXL)625510125
1710901Executive Cotton Socks (Black)1209525
1711101Executive Cotton Socks (Dark Grey)1209525
1710801Executive Cotton Socks (Navy Blue)1209525
1711001Executive Cotton Socks (White)1209525
1703301Executive Jacket (Size-M)1250999225
1703401Executive Jacket (Size-L)1250999225
1703501Executive Jacket (Size-XL)1250999225
1703601Executive Jacket (Size-XXL)1250999225
1700101Anti Pollution Face Mask (1 Pc)655015
1709501Executive Sweat Shirt (Size-L)1250999250
1709401Executive Sweat Shirt (Size-M)1250999250
1709601Executive Sweat Shirt (Size-XL)1250999250
1709701Executive Sweat Shirt (Size-XXL)1250999250
1703701Happy Soles (Size 3)999710225
1800801Happy Soles (Size 4)999710225
1800701Happy Soles (Size 5)999710225
1800901Happy Soles (Size 6)999710225
1801001Happy Soles (Size 7)999710225
1801101Happy Soles (Size 8)999710225
1801201Happy Soles (Size 9)999710225
1801301Happy Soles (Size 10)999710225
1704301Ladies Tie (1 Pc.)27522555
1712301Royal Suit Length (1 Pc)18001500500
1703801Safety Shield (1 Pc)856515
1705201Saree (1 Pc)1000800250
1707201Tie With Pocket Square (1 Pc)32525060
1708801T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Gents) (Size-M)1200995250
1708701T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Gents) (Size-L)1200995250
1708901T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Gents) (Size-XL)1200995250
1709001T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Gents) (Size-XXL)1200995250
1709101T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Ladies) (Size-M)1200995250
1709801T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Ladies) (Size-L)1200995250
1709901T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Ladies) (Size-XL)1200995250
1710001T-Shirt & Track Pants Set (Ladies) (Size-XXL)1200995250
1801801Vests (Size 95)25018060
1801901Vests (Size 100)25018060
1802001Vests (Size 105)25018060
1802101Vests (Size 110)25018060
Accessories and Promotional Tools
1600301Ball Pen (1 Pc)12103
1700201Belt+Buckle (1 Pc)1200995225
1602201Car Stickers (1 Pc)12103
1614201Cash Bag (1 Pc)695550165
1613901Duffle Bag (1 Pc)25952100630
1623801Executive Diary (1 Pc)29524060
1614101Laptop Bag (1 Pc)1245995300
1606801Note Pad (1 Pc)30255
1611601Note Pad (a4 Size)605010
1608201Promotional Tent (English) (3×3)45003500400
1608301Promotional Tent (Hindi) ( 3×3)45003500400
1609401Shri Tulsi Button – English (1 Pc)403010
1609501Shri Tulsi Button – Hindi (1 Pc)403010
1609601Shri Tulsi Button – Punjabi (1 Pc)403010
1610501Tie Pin (1 Pc)15012030
1610601Tri Color Lapel Pin (1 Pc)15012030
1611101Visiting Cards (set Of 200 Cards)655015
Books and Literature
1611901Karo Ya Maro – Book (Hindi)4954950
1619401Leaflet Sugar Away Ras And Tablets20200
1619501Leaflet Super Nourish Moringa20200
1619801Leaflets Agro Activator & Agro Growth Booster20200
1617001Leaflets Aloe Arjunrishta20200
1616701Leaflets Aloe Cal-d Tablets20200
1615501Leaflets Aloe Dental Cream & Aloe Charcoal Gel20200
1618601Leaflets Aloe Digest20200
1615001Leaflets Aloe Facial Kit20200
1615101Leaflets Aloe Jyoti & Aloe Jyoti Plus20200
1617901Leaflets Aloe Kof Kare20200
1615301Leaflets Aloe Liv Kare Tablets & Syrup20200
1614801Leaflets Aloe Noni Juice20200
1616001Leaflets Aloe Pachak Kit20200
1616501Leaflets Aloe Piles Away Cream & Tablets20200
1615601Leaflets Aloe Sanjivani Juice20200
1619701Leaflets Aloe Vical & Herbal Aloe Vita20200
1615401Leaflets Aloevera Fibrous Juice20200
1618201Leaflets Anti Bacterial Minerals Water Bottle20200
1616101Leaflets Blood Purifier Syrup20200
1619301Leaflets Chwangold20200
1615701Leaflets Daily Diet Tablets20200
1616401Leaflets Detox Foot Patch20200
1616601Leaflets Elaichi Amrit20200
1616301Leaflets Fat Away Tablets20200
1618901Leaflets Fresh Morning Tablets20200
1616901Leaflets Garlicpure Tablets20200
1617301Leaflets Gomutra20200
1614601Leaflets Herbal Aloe Gel20200
1614401Leaflets Herbal Bal Shakti Syrup20200
1615801Leaflets Herbal Fever Guard20200
1616201Leaflets Herbal Naturomega Capsule20200
1617401Leaflets Herbal Protiwon20200
1618501Leaflets Herbal Urinorm20200
1618401Leaflets Himalyan Berry20200
1617101Leaflets Immune 20x Tablets20200
1614901Leaflets Mukta Tablets & Heart Strong Tablets20200
1618701Leaflets Neempure Tablets20200
1614501Leaflets Noni Hair Color Shampoo20200
1618001Leaflets Omega 3-6-9 Capsule20200
1617801Leaflets Pain Away20200
1619101Leaflets Pyari Saheli20200
1619201Leaflets Riceen Oil20200
1614701Leaflets Sanitary Napkins20200
1619001Leaflets Shri Haldi20200
1617701Leaflets Shri Tulsi20200
1615201Leaflets Spirulina Tablets20200
1617501Leaflets Steviafos20200
1618101Leaflets Tru Health Capsule20200
1618801Leaflets Tru Knight Power20200
1618301Leaflets Wheat Gold Tablets20200
1621901Product Guide (Hindi)50500
1608701Rog Nidan Book (English)1001000
1608801Rog Nidan Book (Hindi)1001000
1611301Your Decision Your Future (English)1001000
1611401Your Decision Your Future (Hindi)1001000
Language English
No. of Pages11
PDF Size0.1 MB

IMC Product Price List PDF Free Download

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