Illustrated Hints For Health And Strength PDF

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Illustrated Hints For Health And Strength PDF Free Download

Illustrated Hints For Health And Strength

The subject of this book has been treated concisely to save the reader’s time.

Anticipating the difficulty of following, successfully, instructions generally given in books, the author has spent considerable time and care on the pen and ink drawings illustrating his instructions.

The exercises described herein have been carefully tested from a strictly physiological point of view.

They can safely be practiced by persons of middle age or beyond, contrary to an existing popular impression that active physical exercise should be avoided at that stage of life.

The author’s aim has been, not to write about an interesting subject for mere casual reading, but to present a practical manual for continuous use.

The manual should be of very great value to all persons who are in search of a short road to sound health and thorough physical development, embodying as it does, an intelligible and concise pre-I sensation of the excellent methods of rational physical culture, taught by the author in his institute, and by which all who have studied under him have profited.

We, who have enjoyed the opportunity of testing the methods and theories of Professor Adrian Peter Schmidt, take great pleasure in sincerely and heartily recommending this manual to all who are interested in this subject.

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Illustrated Hints For Health And Strength PDF Free Download

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