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How To Read Music Seven Easy Lessons Book PDF Free Download

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Fortunately, the system of musical notation divides into two clear parts: a way of indicating rhythm (how long the different tones last) and a way of indicating pitch (how high or low the different tones are).

I say “fortunately” because this permits us to study each part separately so that we can deal with simple things at the start.

We shall begin with the notation of rhythms because the system used is so straightforward and easy to learn that anyone can pick it up in a few hours.

With the toe of your foot, tap steadily four beats or pulses, at about the speed of a military march, over and over again, like this:

ONE-two-three-four, ONE-two-three-four, ONE-two-three-four, Make the ONE heavier than the other three beats each time. not slower, mind you, because they must be equal in time and speed, just heavier or more forceful so that you feel where each group of four begins.

Now while you keep up the steady tapping, sing one long tone, holding it as long as you can without straining. Just sing Da or Ta, the way people do when they are singing a tune without words. Suppose we agree on Ta for the moment.

low one, since we are concerned only with the lengths of tones right now; so just sing the first sound that comes into your head, anyone that is comfortable for you, use the syllable Ta to sing it on, instead of words, and make it one long sound:

Next, let’s try tones of differing lengths. For the following exercise, begin tapping in the same way as before, but this time hold each tone only as long as the line after it indicates.

In other words, each Ta will be held while four beats go by. and there will be four such Tasks altogether:

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How To Read Music 7 Easy Lessons Book Pdf Free Download

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