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Havells Wire Price List

Havells Wire is India’s largest electrical company which is famous for its security, safety, and reliability. This company has taken special care of its customers.

That’s why this Wire is the first choice of India.

It comes with many qualities like Reliability, Safety, Security, Flame retardant, lead-free, nontoxic composition, and havells wire can work in High Temperature with high efficiency.

Besides, the Havells wire doesn’t catch fire. and This Company has a motto that Safety is the no. 1 Priority.

Types of Havells Wire

  • Heat Resistant Flame Retardant (HRFR) – This wire has Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Quality which can withstand even 85 degrees Celsius temperature. Apart from this, it also has the property of carrying a high current.
  • Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen (FR-LSH) are made from specially formulated PVC polymers that restrict any type of toxic gases and it’s also Flame Retardants with low Halogen Emission.
  • Havells HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) wires provide Durability with flame-retardant properties and it comes with lead-free and non-toxic composition.
  • Flame Retardant (FR) wire provides Flame Retardant properties to ensure good performance at high Temperatures.
  • The Havells Multicore Round Cable works in air conditioners, motors, refrigerators, etc.
  • LAN Cables
  • CCTV Cables
  • Speaker Cables
  • Flat Submersible Cables
  • Telecom Switchboard Cables
  • CATV Coaxial Cables

Havells Life Line Plus Wire

Heat Resistant Flame Retardant HRFR PVC Insulated Industrial Cables Havells Single Core HRFR PVC Insulated Industrial Grade Copper Conductor (Unsheathed) Flexible Cables, 1100 Volt Conforming to IS 694

Nominal area of conductor sq. mmBasic CodeList Price in rs per 90 m
0.5 sq. mmWHFFDN…A1X50915.00
0.75 sq. mmWHFFDN…A1X751240.00
1.0 sq. mmWHFFDN…A11X01670.00
1.5 sq. mmWHFFDN…A11X52440.00
2.5 sq. mmWHFFDN…A12X53895.00
4.0 sq. mmWHFFDN…..A14X05730.00
6.0 sq. mmWHFFDN…A16X08545.00
Nominal area of conductor sq. mmBasic CodeList Price in rs per 1000 m
10 sq. mmWHFFDN…G1010162860.00
16 sq. mmWHFFDN…G1016253335.00
25 sq. mmWHFFDN…G1025405405.00
35 sq. mmWHFFDN…G1035558805.00
50 sq. mmWHFFDN…G1050803970.00
70 sq. mmWHFFDN…G10701146945.00
95 sq. mmWHFFDN…G10951535630.00
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Havells Wire Price List PDF Free Download

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