Gym Workout Guide And Plan PDF For Male

Gym Workout Guide And Plan For Male PDF Free Download

Having Fun

It seems like every time I pick up a book that has anything to do with fitness, they never say a word about having fun.

The people in the pictures demonstrating the lifts have absolutely no trace of a smile on their faces.

A coach of mine once told me there are 2 kinds of fun:

  1. Having fun building your house
  2. Having fun at a theme park

Getting your body into shape is like ìbuilding your house type of fun,î there is a lot of hard work that is involved.

But when you get the final result you are extremely happy about what you have accomplished and it is very enjoyable.

The feeling of accomplishment stays with you as you enjoy your house everyday. So, be happy and have fun when you workout.

Have a friend come with you to the gym, or make friends at the gym. Laugh and smile as you are working hard to get the body you desire, it will make time pass very quickly.

Whatever you have to do to have fun, do it. Be creative, never get embarrassed, and it will make time fly.


Dieting is a dreaded word by some, but it is not what most people think. The word diet is defined as ì Oneís usual food and drink.i So donít be scared when you hear the word diet because you are dieting right now.

What did you eat with your last meal? That is what is part of your current diet. The following chapter will cover foods and eating habits that have been proven to get the results you desire.

Diet offered:

We designed your diet, but you will be putting together the diet that works for you. This allows you to get more involved and choose the foods that you like to eat or that you think will be best for you.

We have a complete list of foods that covers every category that you need. For example, the protein category has a list of meats, poultry, eggs, whey protein, etc.

You get to choose which of these foods you want to eat with every meal.

A final note before we get started:
The foods that we have listed should be a menu that you choose from. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or have more energy; these are foods that will help you get there.

The cleaner you diet is, the cleaner your body will be. I promise that you will feel better and have more energy.

So you are probably thinking that I am trying to tie you down for life. No, I am just giving you some guidelines to live by for 12 weeks.

This program will be a test of physical strength, but more importantly, it will be a test of your mental strength. You have made it this far and it is very apparent that you are ready for a change.

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Gym Workout Guide & Plan For Male Book PDF Free Download

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