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French Revolution Class 9

In Section I, you will read about the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the rise of Nazism. In different ways, all these events were important in the making of the modern world.

Chapter I is on the French Revolution. Today we often take the ideas of liberty, freedom, and equality for granted. But we need to remind ourselves that these ideas also have a history.

By looking at the French Revolution you will read a small part of that history. The French Revolution led to the end of the monarchy in France.

A society based on privileges gave way to a new system of governance. The Declaration of the Rights of Man during the revolution, announced the coming of a new time.

The idea that all individuals had rights and could claim equality became part of a new language of politics.

These notions of equality and freedom emerged as the central ideas of a new age, but in different countries, they were reinterpreted and rethought in many different ways.

The anti-colonial movements in India and China, Africa, and South America, produced ideas that were innovative and original, but they spoke in a language that gained currency only from the late eighteenth century.

In Chapter II, you will read about the coming of socialism in Europe, and the dramatic events that forced the ruling monarch, Tsar Nicholas II, to give up power.

The Russian Revolution sought to change society in a different way. It raised the question of economic equality and the well-being of workers and peasants.

The chapter will tell you about the changes that were initiated by the new Soviet government, the problems it faced, and the measures it undertook. While Soviet Russia pushed ahead with industrialization and mechanization of agriculture, it denied the rights of citizens that were essential to the working of a democratic society. The ideals of socialism,

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French Revolution Class 9 PDF Free Download

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