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Anchor fastener (plated) 4″

Terminal power strip, 15 Amps, 3 Socket

Pendant Bulb holder bakelite

Pendant switch

Pendant Bulb holder brass

Hand torch, Rechargeable, High Power,15-20 LED type

Hand torch, Rechargeable, 12 LED type

Tube Starter 20-65W

Batten nail

6 sq mm 3 core Copper armoured cable

6M Modular Plate 3M Modular Plate

Lamp 150 W HPSV screw type

Lamp 70 W HPSV screw type

Choke 70W HPSV

Choke 150W HPSV Ignitor

DB box 1-way dummy

19 Ballast Electronic 36/40 W

Flexible Pipe 1″

PVC Tape roll

Cutter Plier

Batten 1″

Batten 0.5″

31 Industrial Socket Box 20 A

34 Wall Plug (Best Quality)

35 Cable gitti 6mm(Best Quality)

Cable gitti 10mm(Best Quality)

Add on block (NC)

Add on block (NO)

DOL 7.5 Hp Starter

Ding Dong Bell

3 Core, 1.5 sq mm, flexible cable

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Electric Item List PDF Free Download

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