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After you have gathered your materials together the next step is to decide on how you will use them. At a Sketch Club or Art School the model is usually posed on a model throne in order that everybody can see her.

In this case don’t get too close to the model throne because the perspective will be very distorted. The best position in which to sit (or stand) is one in which you can comfortably take in the whole pose with one glance, that is, your eye takes in the model’s head and her feet in the same look.

If you are arranging the pose and background yourself, you should avoid any over elaborate background that will distract the eye. Preferably a bare wall or a cloth hung up behind the model is best.

You can then study the shapes, the length and shade, and silhouette without trying to find out where some shadow is merged into the background that kind of subtlety can come much later if you like.

You should also try and get a very simple effect of light and shade without too many dark shadows on the figure, you only need just enough to throw up the shapes clearly.

Everything that distracts you and increases your difficulty should be avoided, so make simplicity your aim. Avoid any confused lighting, that is to say, the light that comes from two or more sources

And consequently throws cross shadows, liable to cause complications inaccuracy. When your search for you become more experienced this more complicated lighting can be very interesting and gives entirely different, but intricate, effects.

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Drawing The Female Figure Book Pdf Free Download

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