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I believe in God, who made of one blood all nations that on earth do dwell.

I believe that all men, black and brown and white, are brothers, varying through time and opportunity, in form and gift and feature.

But differing in no essential particular, and alike in soul and the possibility of infinite development.

Especially do I believe in the Negro Race: in the beauty of its genius, the sweetness of its soul, and its strength in that meekness which shall yet inherit this turbulent earth.

I believe in Pride of race and lineage and self: in pride of self so deep as to scorn injustice to other-selves; in pride of lineage so great as to despise no man’s father.

In pride of race so chivalrous as neither to offer bastardy to the weak nor beg wedlock of the strong, knowing that men may be brothers in Christ, even though they be not brothers-in-law.

I believe in Service—humble, reverent service, from the blackening of boots to the whitening of souls; for Work is Heaven, Idleness Hell, and Wage is the “Well done!” of the Master.

Who summoned all them that labor and are heavy laden, making no distinction between the black.

Sweating cotton hands of Georgia and the first families of Virginia, since all distinction not based on the deed is devilish and not divine.

I believe in the Devil and his angels, who wantonly work to narrow the opportunity of struggling human beings, especially if they be black.

Who spit in the faces of the fallen, strike them that cannot strike again, believe the worst, and work to prove it, hating the image which their Maker stamped on a brother’s soul.

I believe in the Prince of Peace. I believe that War is Murder.

I believe that armies and navies are at the bottom the tinsel and braggadocio of oppression and wrong.

And I believe that the wicked conquest of weaker and darker nations by nations whiter and stronger but foreshadows the death of that strength.

AuthorW.E.B. Du Bois
Language English
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Darkwater Book PDF Free Download

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