CUCET Previous Year Question Papers with Answers PDF

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CUET Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

CUCET Previous Year Question Papers


Questions 1 – 10 : Fill in the blanks with the most grammatically correct and meaningful
option from those given.

  1. I had sent the application five days __
    A) ago B) before C) since D) hence
  2. The maintenance __ law and order is the state’s responsibility.
    A) for B) of C) about D) for
  3. It is a month since the holidays __
    A) has begun B) may begin C) began D) have begin
  4. Can you __ all the questions ?
    A) solved B) solving C) able to solved D) solve
  5. Great emphasis has to be __ on the building of our student’s character.
    A) lain B) laid C) lied D) layed
  6. Hardly __ I left the house, when it began to rain.
    A) did B) do C) had D) have
  7. Your __ in class is compulsory.
    A) presence B) presense C) present D) presenting
  8. She is absolutely ____________in our welfare.
    A) indifferent B) disinterested C) unattached D) reluctant
  9. His parents will never give their __ to such a proposal.
    A) evidence B) willingness C) consent D) agreemen
  1. Send in __ is next in the queue.
    A) whomever B) whichever C) who so ever D) whoever
  2. Electricity is produced form dry cell through
    A) Chemical Energy B) Thermal Energy
    C) Mechanical Energy D) Nuclear Energy
  3. Lift was invented by
    A) J. J. Thompson B) Mavie Curie C) E.G. Otis D) Von-Kleef
  4. The science of making maps is called
    A) Morphography B) Cartography C) Calligraphy D) Geography
  5. The temple of Buddhists is called
    A) Madrasa B) Vihara C) Uplisa D) Naurau
  6. Bodh Gaya is situated in
    A) Nepal B) Bihar C) Rajasthan D) Sri Lanka
  7. Chairperson of State Bank of India is
    A) Arundhati Bhattacharya
    B) Naina Lal Kidwai
    C) Kiran Majumdar
    D) Chanda Kocchar
  8. Which of the following Sikh Gurus instituted the Khalsa Panth ?
    A) Guru Gobind Singh B) Guru Teg Bahadur
    C) Guru Arjun Dev D) Guru Nanak Dev
  1. Which of the following is known as “Morning Star” ? A)
    Saturn B) Mars C) Mercury D) Venus
  2. In a row of boys, A is tenth from the left and B is ninth from the right end. Now if
    they interchange their positions, A becomes fifteenth from left. The total number of
    boys in the row is
    A) 23 B) 26 C) 27 D) 28
  3. The Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission is
    A) Mr. K.G. Balkrishnan B) Mr. H.L. Dathu
    C) Mr. D.J. Pandian D) Mr. Ashok Chawle
  4. The author of the book “The Turbulent Years 1980-1996” is
    A) Mr. Kapil Sibal B) Mr. P.V. Narshimha Rao
    C) Mr. Pranab Mukharjee D) Mr. Kaushik Besu
  5. Which metal was first used by the Vedic people ?
    A) Gold B) Silver C) Copper D) Iron
  6. Find the next term of the series AOP, CQR, EST, GUV
  7. Shyam started walking from point ‘P’ towards south. After walking 40 m he turned
    left, then walked 30 m and reached a point ‘Q’. What will be the direction of ‘Q’
    with respect to point ‘P’ ?
    A) North-East B) South -West C) South-East D) North-West
  8. A-B means A is the mother of B. A* B means A is father of B and A + B means A is
    the daughter of B. Now for M-N*T + Q, which of the relation is not true ?
    A) T is N’s daughter B) N is wife of Q C) M is mother in law
    of Q D) Q is wife of N
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CUET Previous Year Question Papers PDF Free Download

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