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Carbohydrate Food List

Healthy Carbohydrate Food List


FoodServing Size
Bagel¼ large bagel (1 oz.)
Biscuit1 biscuit (2½ inches across)
Bread, reduced-calorie, light2 slices (1½ oz.)
Cornbread1¾ inch cube (1½ oz.)
English muffin½ muffin
Hot dog or hamburger bun½ bun (¾ oz.)
Naan, chapati, or roti1 oz.
Pancake1 pancake (4 inches across, ¼ inch thick)
Pita (6 inches across)½ pita
Tortilla, corn1 small tortilla (6 inches across)
Tortilla, flour (white or whole-wheat)1 small tortilla (6 inches across) or 13 large tortilla (10 inches across)
Waffle1 waffle (4-inch square or 4 inches across)

Cereals and Grains* (Including Pasta and Rice)

FoodServing Size
Barley, couscous, millet, pasta (white or whole-wheat, all shapes and sizes), polenta,
quinoa (all colors), or rice (white, brown, and other colors and types)
13 cup
Bran cereal (twigs, buds, or flakes), shredded wheat (plain), or sugar-coated cereal½ cup
Bulgur, kasha, tabbouleh (tabouli), or wild rice½ cup
Granola cereal¼ cup
Hot cereal (oats, oatmeal, grits)½ cup
Unsweetened, ready-to-eat cereal¾ cup

Starchy Vegetables*

FoodServing Size
Cassava, dasheen, or plantain13 cup
Corn, green peas, mixed vegetables, or parsnips½ cup
Marinara, pasta, or spaghetti sauce½ cup
Mixed vegetables (with corn or peas)1 cup
Potato, baked with skin¼ large (3 oz.)
Potato, French-fried (oven-baked)1 cup (2 oz.)
Potato, mashed with milk and fat½ cup
Squash, winter (acorn, butternut)1 cup
Yam or sweet potato, plain½ cup (3½ oz.)

Crackers and Snacks

FoodServing Size
Crackers, animal8 crackers
Crackers, graham3 crackers (2½ inch squares)
Crackers, saltine or round butter-type6 crackers
Granola or snack bar1 bar (¾ oz.)
Popcorn3 cups, popped
Pretzels¾ oz.
Rice cakes2 cakes (4 inches across)
Snack chips, baked (potato, pita)About 8 chips (¾ oz.)
Snack chips, regular (tortilla, potato)About 13 chips (1 oz.)

Beans and Lentils

FoodServing Size
Baked Beans13 cup
Beans (black, garbanzo, kidney, lima, navy, pinto, white),
lentils (any color), or peas (black-eyed and split), cooked or canned,
drained and rinsed
½ cup


FoodServing Size
Applesauce, unsweetened½ cup
Banana1 extra-small banana, about 4-inches long (4 oz.)
Blueberries¾ cup
Dried fruits (blueberries, cherries, cranberries, mixed fruit, raisins)2 Tbsp.
Fruit, canned½ cup
Fruit, whole, small (apple)1 small fruit (4 oz.)
Fruit, whole, medium (nectarine, orange, pear, tangerine)1 medium fruit (6 oz.)
Fruit juice, unsweetened½ cup
Grapes17 small grapes (3 oz.)
Melon, diced1 cup
Strawberries, whole1¼ cup

Milk and Milk Substitutes

FoodServing Size
Milk (nonfat, 1%, 2%, whole)1 cup
Rice drink, plain, fat-free1 cup
Yogurt (including Greek), plain or sweetened with an artificial sweetener*23 cup (6 oz.)
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Carbohydrate Food List PDF

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