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Modified Berg Balance Test PDF Free Download

Berg Balance Test

Purpose: 14-item test that assesses static standing balance and subsequent fall risk

Diagnoses Assessed:

  • Stroke
  • SCI’s
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • TBI’s
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Geriatrics

Diagnoses-Specific Statistical Breakdown:


  • SEM:
    • Ambulates with assistance=2.93
    • Ambulates with stand-by-assistance=2.15
    • Ambulates independently=2.26
  • MDC:
    • Ambulates with assistance=8.1
    • Ambulates with stand-by-assistance=6.0
    • Ambulates independently=6.3
  • Cut-off score=45/56
  • Test-retest reliability=.98
  • Intra-rater reliability=.97
  • Inter-rater reliability=.98
  • Internal consistency (acute strokes)=.97


  • Inter-rater reliability=.95
  • Internal consistency=.95

Parkinson’s Disease:

  • MDC=5 points
  • Test-retest reliability=.80
  • Intra-rater reliability=.95
  • Inter-rater reliability=.84
  • Internal consistency=.92


  • SEM=1.65
  • Test-retest reliability=.98


  • SEM:
    • Initial score: 0-24=1.7
    • Initial score: 25-34=2.3
    • Initial score: 35-44=1.8
    • Initial score: 45-56=1.2
  • MDC=8
  • A cut-off score=<45/56 indicates a higher risk of falls
  • Test-retest reliability=.77
  • Intra-rater reliability=.97
  • Inter-rater reliability=.88
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Modified Berg Balance Test PDF Free Download

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