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Balamani Amma Poems

6.Shibil Ashtaka
12.Kooppukai (Folded Hands)
13.Amma (Mother)
14.Kudumbini (The Home-Maker)
15.Dharma margathil (In the Path of Dharma)
16.Prabhankuram (The Bud of Light)
17.Bhavanayil (In Imagination)
18.Sthreehrdayam (A Woman’s Heart)
19.Oonjalil (On the Swing)
20.Kalikkotta (The Toy Basket)
21.Velichathil (In the Light)
22.Avar Padunnu (They Sing)
23.Pranaman (Homage)
24.Lokantarangalil (In Many Worlds)
25.Muttassi (Grandmother)
26.Ambalathil (In the Temple)
27.Nagarathil (In the City)

Balamani Amma Poems

The grandmother.

Your grandmother knows

Nothing is destroyed

Everything exists in human forever

In my old heart there are

so much of riches ,still

for your hands too

to play with

and throw away…



As power,dharma

And divine art

And bliss

Into our hearts


The sickbed
In 1966 came the poem To a daughter. In 1959 came the poem Again. For a boat, to do repairs, it has to stop its journeys over water and rest on a sandy beach. The sickbed for the poet is such a resting place, and the Karmadevatha(Goddess of karma) has given us this opportunity to increase our praanasakthi (power of life)from time to time. The boat travels over water. Human life over the ocean of samsaara. How is this rest period a saadhana for wisdom for the poet? In several ways.

  1. To understand the truth that the world runs not by the power of our little toy boats
  2. To enjoy the rhythm of life as an observer, not as a participant
  3. To gather the white soft flowers of life in our small handcups
  4. To keep the pragna without any coverings, in front of the perfect energy
  5. To understand the knower/the soul as truth and the real I separate from the body with pains and pleasures.

To a daughter was written when Madhavikutty was on a sickbed. In 1975 when I was on sickbed she had given me Arshagnaana, an angel of repose to read, and also a note about sickbed and its experiences in her life(which is added at the end of this chapter).
But the poet knows that just like the moments of the quest for wisdom, busy practical life also is lovable for each individual. There are no duties for a sick woman. The blue arch of beauty in front. The divine moments covered in golden sunlight, the murmer of breeze searching for the end of spacetime, the sweet dreams of the wishes of the loving people, only one is missing. The silly (as everyone always complains)household duties. But the sick woman is crying for just that. The things she had been complaining about throughout her life….

My tears are for those

Did my sadhana became

In vain,again?

How beautifully the psychology of human mind is picturised?


Like pollen-grains like broken threads…like pearls ..the new raindrops. The poems of Balamani Amma are also like that. There are raindrops that come with a power of a whirlwind, as stones were thrown, with rebellion, with desires etc…But both bring life. When the horizon was darkening, some unknown desire, some unknown light, and heat has breathed these raindrops into the breast of the earth. The greatness behind them is eternally present in our life.

When summer comes

When light spreads

When peace of silence fills

When changing bliss’ wings

Spread in atmosphere

,in my soul ,waveless

Deep,pure with time

The eternalgreatness

Behind Raindrops,

Reflects ..

In the medical college

With every step

Your growth internal

Is watched with delight

By ancestors

Who knew the five elements

Who don’t need a help

to move forward

who are never worried

who moves in homes,inside

and outside

who can kindle and light off

the starry heavens

those who keeps your path

whether you know it

or not.Therefor,my son,

Go forward.

(Purathekku 1961)

The poem of Mother(Ammayude kavitha)

You have separated from me

As a moonray from a grassblade

With bright mountaintops

In your eyes ,as goal

And inky pen

In hands

Stands in the path of eternity

Immobile and sad….

In your heart’s storms

Will my small boat

Sink or move?

The Creator’s sthithapragna.

The white flower of universe

As if bloomed in eternity

In far off times.

And who am I?

A pollendust within its petals?

Or a small bee enjoying its honey?

Why should the trees of thapovana

Rooted in my jeeva shake heads

In impatience?

Why should my mind cry for

The new worlds where their shadows

Doesn’t reach and give peace?

Kaamadhenu for new generations

When the day ends and worlds of stars open

When the airy mandala makes silky beds

When the tired bees disappear

The song of peace spreads around..Soham soham..

And the endless consciousness of the poet ,clings on to the eternity’s sari as a child.

Without a bird’s song

Without colours of green leaves

Without taste of honey

Without the touch of a child

Can one remember a life!!

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