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Apiculture In India

Tof civilization, the art of writing developed inscriptions found in the earliest Egyptian pyramids indicates that the Egyptians were well acquainted with beekeeping 4,000 years ago.

More than 200 million years ago, the continents like Africa, Australia, South America, and the Indian subcontinent were joined in a vast landmass known as Gondwana (Hallam, 1994).

The first visible proof of the association of man and bees is found to be in rock paintings attributed to the neolithic period.

Obermaier (1924) included a copy of the painting that depicts the removal of combs from a nest of bees.

The sign of bee paintings appeared to have been associated with the royalty from the first dynasty of Parach.

According to Fraser (1942), the symbals indicated a reed that preceded the name of the king.

The reed indicated upper Egypt whereas bees symbolized were Egypt The Egyptians practised migratory beekeeping.

The colonies of bees were placed on Burges in the bank of the Nile and the Barges were moved up downstream to allow the bees to take advantage of different honey flows.

Greek mythology supported the belief that the association of bees and men is of time immemorial One of the fables of ancient mythology involved the bee as the provider of food for the infant Zeus.

According to legend. Zeus was entrusted by his mother of two Cretan nymphs. Amalthea and Melissa to avoid his death at the hands of Saturn.

The two syphilis raised Zeus on a diet of milk and honey. Aristotle (384-322 BC) mentioned that Greeks were bee masters which were included in his book Historias animation.

Anode was the first to record the division of labour among the bee workers. Greek costs carried bees with them and it was possible that beekeeping was introduced to Cyprus.

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Apiculture in India Book PDF Free Download

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