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Alkaline Foods List

Alkaline foods are vital in maintaining pH balance in the body. Experts suggest that having a balanced meal with a good blend of all the food groups is important to uplift overall wellness, rather than restricting to certain food items.

As per the acid-ash theory, acidic ash is believed to make you prone to illness, whereas alkaline ash is protective.

Thereby choosing alkaline foods would help to keep up the pH of the body and enhance overall health.

Alkaline Food List: Vegetables

Highly alkalineMostly alkalineLow alkaline
Cucumber Avocado Asparagus 
Kale Peppers Cauliflower , Carrot, Zucchini
Spinach Cabbage , Okra, CeleryPeas 
Broccoli Onion, Tomato, Radish, Garlic, Ginger, LemonBuckwheat, Spelt, Lentils
Sprouts Green beans, Lettuce, BeetrootTofu , Almonds
Green drinksChia seedsOlive oil, Coconut oil, Flaxseed oil

Alkaline Food List: FRUITS AND JUICES

Apple Apple juice 
Apricot Banana shake
Banana Cherry juice
Avocado Watermelon juice
Dates Fresh fruit juices

Alkaline Food List: GRAINS AND FLOUR

Quinoa Quinoa flour
Wild riceSpelt flour
Amaranth Rye flour
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Alkaline Foods List PDF Free Download

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