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MS Excel Advanced Notes PDF

What is Advanced Excel?

Microsoft Advanced Excel is one of the most user-friendly and powerful software programs available. Excel spreadsheets are widely used in business to present financial data and other data that are crucial to the operation of the company.

It allows purchasers to perform quantitative and statistical analysis with an intuitive data manipulation interface, allowing it to be used across a wide range of fields and expert requirements.

The user’s primary focus in Advanced Microsoft Excel is on DSUM, Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Formulas, Functions, and Macros, as opposed to Basic Excel. MS Excel is used to store data, analyze and sort it, and generate reports. Excel can be used to combine data from multiple files and documents into a single location.

It is possible to import text and graphics in addition to raw data and information from other spreadsheets. Other objects or spreadsheets can be added to the file using the Insert tab. 

Excel users can differentiate between columns and highlight the most relevant data by utilizing different color tones, bolds, and italics.

This function could be handy when showing accounting data like pre-tax profit and the company’s balance carried forward. By using the Quick Analysis button and then the Formatting tab, users can choose an acceptable color scheme.

Microsoft Excel provides businesses with the tools they need to maximize their data. And this is becoming increasingly crucial when it comes to getting the most out of resources and maximizing return on investment.

Companies are gathering increasingly large amounts of data from a variety of sources, including in-store transactions, online purchases, and social media.

They must be able to gather and analyze this data rapidly and efficiently. Excel spreadsheets are widely used in businesses to present financial data and other data relevant to their operations.

This could be data for the customer relationship management department, sales, marketing, or human resources. Excel remains a critical tool for administration and effective business management, even though so many corporate tasks are now based on IT and the internet.

One of the most user-friendly and powerful software programs available is Microsoft Advanced Excel. The majority of people just have a basic understanding of the program.

Understanding some Microsoft Excel skills and gaining extra training will help you turn Excel into a formidable tool for managing your profession and business.

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used in business to present financial data and other information that is important to the business.

The VLOOKUP function searches vertically (top to bottom) the leftmost column of a table until a value that
matches or exceeds the one you are looking up is found.

The elements being looked up must be unique and must be arranged or sorted in ascending order; that is, alphabetical order for text entries, and lowest-to-highest order for numeric entries.

The syntax is =VLOOKUP(lookup_value,table_array,col_index_num,[range_lookup]). An example of the formula is: VLOOKUP(E2,D2:M3,2,TRUE) The English translation is using the value found in the cell E2, look in the range of D2 to M3 row by row.

If you find a value that matches or exceeds the value in E2, using that row, go over 2 columns to the right, grab the value there and bring it back.


The foundation of what is a PivotTable report is explained as follows: As long as you can connect to the data, whether it be locally in the same workbook or remotely in other locations, you can built PivotTable reports that rearrange the raw data and change it into meaningful information

A pivot table is an interactive way to quickly summarize large amounts of data; to analyze numerical data in detail and to answer unanticipated questions. They are especially designed for:

  • Querying large amounts of data in many user-friendly ways
  • Subtotaling and aggregating numeric data, summarizing data by categories and subcategories,and creating custom calculations and formulas
  • Expanding and collapsing levels of data to focus your results, and drilling down to details from the summary data.
  • Moving rows to columns or columns to rows (or “pivoting”0 to see different summaries of the source data.
  • Filtering, sorting, grouping, and conditionally formatting the most useful and interesting subset of data to enable you to focus on the information that you want.
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