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ABB Motors Price List

time relay, CT range

Three ranges of electronic timers provide timing functions for all applications: the CT-D range with a width of only 17.5 mm; The CT-E and CT-C range, the ideal solution for serial applications; and the CT-S range which has two different types of connection terminals and is ideally suited for universal use.

The CT range has a wide variety of timing functions (from on or off delay to star-delta changeover). Time relays are available with output relays, solid-state outputs, and precise direct time adjustments.

Measurement and Monitoring Relay, CM Range

State-of-the-art monitors for single and three-phase systems. Monitoring voltage, current, frequency, power factor (motor load), thermistors, temperature, liquid level, insulation resistance, and grid feeding ABB has one of the world’s widest product ranges of measuring and monitoring relays.

The CM range is a flagship product line of the EPR range.

Power Supply, CP Range

Modern power supply units are an important component in most areas of power management and automation technology.

As your global partner in this area, ABB pays close attention to the relevant requirements. Innovation is the key to a substantial expansion of our power supply product range.

ABB offers four different product lines for single and three-phase supplies, output voltages 5/12/24, and 48 VDC in plastic and metal enclosures, as well as various accessories.

Interface Relays & Optocouplers, CR Range & R600

Interface relays and optocouplers are widely used in various industrial applications.

As an interface, they link to a controller, eg. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), PC, or field bus system up to the sensor/actuator level.

Here, they have various functions: switching AC or DC loads with various resistive, inductive, and capacitive parts, switching voltages from a few mV to 250 V, and switching currents from a few mA to 16 A.

Amplification of weak control signals, electrical isolation control, load circuits, and signal multiplying

Fieldbus interfaces Ordering details


Fieldbus communication interfaces enable the UMCIO03 to communicate vis Fieldbus

The interfaces can be used in two ways:

-Mounted directly on an UMC1003-the interface is supplied from the UMC1003 and an additional accessory is required

Mounted separately on an SMK3.0 adapter in the cable chamber of an MCC, the interface

plugged on SMK3D requires a 24V DC supply Ready-made cables for applications in

withdrawable systems are available, as well as terminal blocks for other cables COPIA.150 Cable for use inside the drawer CDP34.150 Cable from SMK30 to drawer outside

The communication interface for PROFIBUS DP supports the protocols PROFIBUS OP/V and V

PNO-certified PROFIBUS slave Data transfer rate up to 12 Mbit/s

-Diagnostic LEDs

Fieldbus connection via nine-pole Sub-D connector or terminal blocks

GSD download from the UMC1003 webpage


Communication Interface for Modbus RTU

-Data transfer rate up to 57.6 kbit/s

Diagnostic LEDs

Fleidous connection via terminal blocks

Communication interface for Devicehet ODVA-certified DeviceNiet slave

-Data transfer rate up to 500 kbit/s -Diagnostic LEDS

Fieldbus connection via terminal blocks

-EDS download from UMC1003 webpage


-External active fieldbus termination for

Profibus OP, the POR31.0 needs to be mounted on an SC30 adapter and supplied by 24 VDC

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ABB Motors Price List PDF Free Download

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