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A Source Book Of Gestalt Psychology Book PDF Free Download

What Is Gestalt Theory

What is Gestalt theory and what does it intend? Gestalt theory was the outcome of concrete investigations in psychology, logic, and epistemology.

The prevailing situation at the time of its origin may be briefly sketched as follows.

We go from the world of everyday events to that of science, and not unnaturally assume that in making this transition we shall gain a deeper and more precise understanding of essentials.

The transition should mark an advance. And yet, though one may have learned a great deal, one is poorer than before.

It is the same in psychology Here too we find science intent upon a systematic collection of data.

Yet often excluding through that very activity precisely that which is most vivid and real in the living phenomena it studies.

Somehow the thing that matters has cluded us. What happens when a problem is solved, when one suddenly “sees the point”?

Common as this experience is, we seek in vain for it in the textbooks of psychology. Of things and, poor, and inessential there is an abundance, but that which really matters is missing.

Instead, we are told of the formation of concepts, of abstraction and generalization, of class concepts and judgments, perhaps of associations, creative phantasy.

Intuitions, talents- anything but an answer to our original problem. And what are these last words but names for the problem?

Where are the penetrating answers Psychology is replete with terms of great potentiality-personality? essence, intuition, and the rest.

But when one seeks to grasp their concrete content, such terms tail.

This is the situation and it is characteristic of modern science that the same problem should appear everywhere.

Several attempts have been made to remedy the matter. One was frank defeatism preaching the severance of science and life.

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Gestalt Psychology Book PDF Free Download

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