12th Maths Important Questions 2023 PDF

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12th Maths Important Questions PDF Free Download

12th Maths Important Questions

CBSE Important Questions for Class 12 Maths provide you with chapter-wise strategies to prepare for the board examination.

As we all know, CBSE Class 12 is one of the essential steps in career-making, and hence the marks obtained for Class 12 are accountable for admission to higher studies.

Thus, we have focused on preparing you by providing you with different sets of questions that can be asked on your 12th board exam.

Here, at BYJU’S, you will get Maths Class 12 CBSE important questions in PDF format so that you can download the files quickly and start practicing.

General Instructions:

  1. This question paper contains two parts A and B. Each part is compulsory. Part A
    carries 24 marks and Part B carries 56 marks
  2. Part-A has Objective Type Questions and Part -B has Descriptive Type
  3. Both Part A and Part B have choices.
    Part – A:
  4. It consists of two sections- I and II.
  5. Section I comprises 16 very short answer-type questions.
  6. Section II contains 2 case studies. Each case study comprises of 5 case-based
    MCQs. An examinee is to attempt any 4 out of 5 MCQs.
    Part – B:
  7. It consists of three sections- III, IV, and V.
  8. Section III comprises 10 questions of 2 marks each.
  9. Section IV comprises 7 questions of 3 marks each.
  10. Section V comprises 3 questions of 5 marks each.
  11. Internal choice is provided in 3 questions of Section –III, 2 questions of Section-
    IV and 3 questions of Section V.
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12th Maths Important Questions PDF Free Download

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