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Tips TO Motivate Your Self

Have you ever peeked into the cockpit of a large airliner as you boarded a plane? It’s an impressive display of buttons, levers, dials, and switches under one big windshield.

What if, as you were boarding, you overheard the pilot say to the co-pilot, “Joe, remind me, what does this set of buttons do?”

If I heard that, it would make it a rough flight for me. But most of us pilot our own lives that way, without much knowledge of the instruments.

We don’t take the time to learn where our own buttons are, or what they can do.

From now on, make it a personal commitment to notice everything that pushes your buttons. Make a note of everything that inspires you.

That’s your control panel. Those buttons operate your whole system of personal motivation. Motivation doesn’t have to be accidental.

For example, you don’t have to wait for hours until a certain song comes on the radio that picks up your spirits. You can control what songs you hear.

If there are certain songs that always lift you up, make a tape or CD of I those songs and have it ready to play in your car.

Go through all of your music and create a “greatest motivational hits” tape for yourself. Use the movies, too.

How many times do you leave a movie feeling inspired and ready to take on the world?

Whenever that happens, put the name of the movie in a special notebook that you might label “the right buttons.” Six months to a year later, you can rent the movie and get the same inspired feeling.

Most movies that inspire us are even better the second time around.

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100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever Book Pdf Free Download

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