Yuganta : The End of An Epoch By Irawati Karve PDF

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Yuganta : The End of An Epoch By Irawati Karve Book PDF Free Download

Yuganta : The End of An Epoch By Irawati Karve

Yuganta : The End of An Epoch

The war in the Mahabharat’s starts in the Bhishma Parva. As we read the book, however, we become convinced that this is not so much the beginning of the war as Bhishma’s last great effort to stop it.

Bhishma’s whole life had been a fruitless sacrifice. but these last ten days of his life are the climax of futility and sacrifice.

Why should he who had given up everything that was his by right, have in his extreme old age accepted the generalship of the Kaurava army? This question keeps nagging.

But as we consider his whole life we must conclude that these last actions were not only in consonance with his life but were inevitable.

All human efforts are fruitless, all human life ends in frustration was the Mahabharata written to drive home this lesson?

Human toil, expectations, hate, friendships all seem puny and without substance, like withered leaves eddying in the summer wind.

But the people who toiled and dreamed and loved and hated to remain unforgettable, their memory constantly searing the heart.

While reading the Mahabharata we see each person going inexorably to a definite end. We become acutely aware that each person knows his end, and his agony and dread become our own.

And through the agony of each, we experience the agony of the whole world. Bhishma’s life was full of apparent contradictions, but beneath these, there was a logic in his actions and thought.

Bhishma was born as a cursed being. His comrades had been freed from the curse by Gangn, but he remained trapped in this world.

For some reason, Ganga had been forced to live for a time on the earth. At about the same time Vasishtha had caused the eight Vasus to be born as mortals.

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Yuganta : The End of An Epoch By Irawati Karve

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