Vestige Product Catalogue April 2023 PDF

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Vestige Product Catalogue April 2023

My Dear Vestigians,

Managing Director Gautam Bali I extend my hearty greetings to all of you for helping Vestige
triumph and success.

Since its inception, Vestige has been growing at a phenomenal rate, thanks to you and your diligence.

I am sure, at this pace, Vestige will reach such peaks of success that no other Indian direct-selling company has even dreamt of.

Our increasing global presence and our continuously expanding product portfolio testify that Vestige is not going to stop at any point but raise the bar continuously to achieve more. It is this desire to achieve more that drives a person or an organisation towards success.

We at Vestige never feel content with our achievements and this is the reason that we never stop surpassing records set ourselves.
My dear Vestige family members, remember in Vestige’s world, health connects us all – which is also the theme of our 18th year.

We believe, health connects everyone, our customers, our distributors, our partners, our vendors, you
and us. This is why we emphasise on health.
My dear Vestigians, we have one life and so much to achieve. You have already done some incredible things that are unprecedented in the direct selling industry.

Now we have to do more, we have to double our efforts so that Vestige can become the world’s topmost direct-selling company.

We have sailed amidst rough weather and faced tough situations to become a veteran player. Now, nothing can be considered impossible for us in Vestige as we ought to bring changes that no one has ever seen in this industry.
I hope to see you on higher peaks of success in the future, which inevitably belongs to Vestige.
Wish You Wellth!

1990s, it was dominated by a few foreign companies whose plans and products didn’t connect well with the unique demands of the diverse Indian market and the entrepreneurs who took up direct selling as a career.

One of the pioneers of Indian direct selling industry, Gautam Bali took upon himself the task of finding a sustainable solution that can empower direct sellers to experience a total transformation,both in terms of wellness and financial security.

His thoughts were translated into action when Mr Bali, along with two seasoned direct selling experts, Kanwar Bir Singh and Deepak Sood, developed a robust business plan and founded Vestige in 2004, a company that brought a wellness revolution in the Indian direct selling industry.

Now, after 18 successful years of excellence, Vestige is considered a pioneer in blending wellness with financial freedom in India. Vestige is now famous for world-class wellness products
and a robust marketing plan.

This innovative and accumulated marketing plan of Vestige and its focus on wellness triggered the
quest for Wellth; wealth earned through wellness.

Vestige believes health connects us all, i.e., the distributors, consumers, management, employees, partners and the whole universe.

Through health, Vestige connects the world.

Vestige is taking the gift of Wellth globally and helping people live better life. Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs are prospering every year through the route of Wellth and earning respect in society.

  • Terms & Conditions:
  • The voucher of this Consistency Offer cannot be clubbed with any other voucher.
  • The distributors can redeem their voucher worth `1,250 against fixed products on successful completion of the offer. They will not get
  • any PV. One Consistency Offer voucher can be used only once.
  • Self PV can be checked on the Vestige Mobile App and by calling on Vestige Missed Call Alert
  • Service number (8422832155) using your registered mobile number.
  • After the 12th of this month, no invoices will be considered for the Consistency Offer.
  • If a distributor is joining after the 12th of the month, their purchase of 60 PV and above will be considered under Consistency Offer only if it
  • has been done within the same business month of joining.
  • If a distributor makes their first purchase after their joining month, then this purchase will only be considered under the Consistency Offer
  • if it is made between the 2nd to 12th of the month.
  • This offer is only for Vestige distributors.
  • Vestige holds the right to change/amend/withdraw the offer without providing any reason.
  • For any query on Vestige’s plan or feedback on offers, products, etc., please contact our Customer Service Toll-Free Number
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Vestige Product Catalogue PDF Free Download

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