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The Trial Of William Herbert Wallace Book PDF Free Download

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There are certain cases in which the nature of the crime, and the personal history and general behavior of the accused, make any further considerations as to the character of relative unimportance.

There are other cases, in particular where there is an absence of any apparent motive, and when the crime has been premeditated.

In which the character and temperament of the accused are of the greatest interest and significance.

One of the many remarkable features of the Wallace trial was to be found in the contrast provided between the excessive, and, even.

Maniacal violence with which the murder was committed, and the evidence which was given by various witnesses of the peaceful and good-natured disposition of the prisoner.

One witness for the prosecution regarded him as a placid man,” and another as an absolute gentleman in every respect.”

There was no evidence that there had ever been any friction or serious disagreement between him and his wife.

On the contrary, several witnesses testified to the happiness and placidity of their life together.

One witness described them as “a happy couple, a very happy couple,” and another was of the opinion that Wallace’s relations with his wife were ” the best possible.

They appeared to be all in all to one another,” and yet a third witness stated that he had always regarded them as a very loving couple, and very affectionate.”

Wallace, himself, in the diaries he kept for the years preceding the murder, refers on many occasions to the affection he feels for his wife.

His anxiety concerning her health, and the happiness, they experience together.¹

The following passages may be quoted for the double purpose of throwing light on the character of Wallace and also for their references to his wife:

March 25th, 1929. “Julia reminds me today it was fifteen years ago yesterday since we were married. Well, I don’t think either of us regrets the step.

We seem to have pulled well together, and I think we both get as much pleasure and contentment out of life like most people.”

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The Trial Of William Herbert Wallace Book PDF Free Download

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