Swami Vivekananda On Himself PDF In English

Swami Vivekananda On Himself Book PDF Free Download

Swami Vivekananda On Himself Book PDF Free Download

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The present writer is an insignificant servant of Sri Ramakrishna. I am not ashamed of my race, or my birth or nationality.

I am proud of my race, proud of my ancestors, I am proud to call myself a Hindu. It has been one of the principles of my life not to be ashamed of my own ancestors.

I am one of the proudest men ever born, but let me tell you frankly, it is not for myself, but on account of my ancestry.

The more I have studied the past, the more I have looked back, more and more has this pride come to me and it has given me the strength and courage of conviction.

Raised me up from the dust of the earth, and set me working out the great plan laid out by those great ancestors of ours.

My father and mother fasted and prayed for years. and years, so that I would be born.

I have such a memory of when I was only two years old. I used to play with my syce, at being a Dairagi, clothed in ashes and Kaupina.

And if a Sadhu came to beg, they would lock me in upstairs to prevent my giving too much away. I felt that for some mischief, I had had to be sent away from Siva.

No doubt my family increased this feeling, for when I was naughty they would say “Dear. dear, so many austerities, yet Siva sent us this demon after all.

Instead of a good soul!” Or when I was very rebellious, they would empty a can of water over me, saying Siva! Sival and then I was all right. Always, even now, when I feel mischievous, those words keep me straight.

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Swami Vivekananda On Himself Book PDF Free Download

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