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Rajasthan State Highways

Rajasthan is located in the northwestern part of the subcontinent. It is bordered by Pakistan to the west and north-west, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh to the north and north-east, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh to the east and south-east and the state of Gujarat to the south-west.

The Tropic of Cancer passes through Banswara district from its southern end. The total area of the state is 3,42,239 square kilometers. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur.

The rapid pace of National Highway development in Rajasthan has ensured seamless connectivity
to Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

Till 2014 the length of National Highways in the State was 7,496 km. In 2018, the length has been increased to 14,465 km.

The number of National Highways has grown from 35 to 85 in just four years.

Road development works worth Rs 10,000 cr have been completed, and 1,959 km of work has been fast-tracked with investments worth Rs 12,000 Cr.

In the coming years, projects worth Rs 2 lakh cr have been planned for Rajasthan. Rajasthan is adequately connected to all major cities of India such as Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Indore through national and state highways.

RSRTC or Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, which is a state-owned organization, provides regular bus services in different parts of the state. Privately owned operators also run bus services. The total length of the National Highway System in Rajasthan is 5,585 km.

NH8 is the most famous highway of the state, connecting major cities like Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur and Chittorgarh. The length of NH 8 within the state limits is about 688 km.

The names of other national highways in the state are: NH 11, NH 3, NH 11B, NH 11A, NH 14, NH 12, NH 65, NH 15, NH 79, NH 76, NH 89, NH 79A, NH 112, NH 90, NH 113, NH 116, and NH 114.

Below we provide every detail of the national highway that passes through Rajasthan state.

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Rajasthan National Highway List

Rajasthan’s state has a good road network. The Name of that highway is Rajasthan State Highway “RJ SH”, There are 48 National Highways in Rajasthan with a total length of 10599.67KM (31-03-2019) and 170 State Highways with a total length of 15517.5 km.

Here is the full list of national highways with their number and distance, with a starting point to the ending destination.

Number wise National Highways (Rajasthan)
National Highway No.Rajasthan National Highway RouteState through which passingLength passing through State (km)Total Length of NH (km
NH-3Agra-Gwalior-Shivpuri-Indore-Dhule-Nasik-Thane-MumbaiUttar Pradesh261161
Madhya Pradesh712
NH-3AThe highway starting from its junction with NH-23 at Dholpur, Sepau in the State of Rajasthan connecting Sarendhi in the State of Uttar Pradesh connecting Ghatoli, Rupbas, Khanuawa (Khanna), and terminating at Uncha Nagla in the State of Rajasthan.Rajasthan6680
Uttar Pradesh14
NH-11Agra-Jaipur-BikanerUttar Pradesh51582
NH-11BJunction with NH-11A near Lalsot connecting Karauli and terminating at its junction with NH 3 near DhaulpurRajasthan180180
NH-11CThe old alignment of NH no. 8 passing through Jaipur from km 220 to 273.50Rajasthan5353
NH-12Jabalpur-Bhopal-Khilchipur-Aklera-Jhalawar-Kota-Bundi-Devli-Tonk-JaipurMadhya Pradesh486886
NH-65AThe highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Ladnu connecting Khaatu, Degana, Merta City, Zambia, Jaitran, Raipur and terminating at Bheem on NH-58 in the State of RajasthanRajasthan224224
NH-71BThe highway starting from the junction of NH- 71 near Rewari in the state of Haryana and connecting Dharuhera and passing through Rajasthan and connecting Taoru -Sohna and terminating at its junction with NH 2 near PalwalHaryana6974
NH-76Pindwara-Udaipur-Mangarwar-Kota-Shivpuri-Jhansi-Banda-Allahabad-junction with NH-7 near MirzapurRajasthan4801127
Madhya Pradesh60
Uttar Pradesh587
NH-76AThe highway starting from Udaipur connecting Kumdal Naya Kheda, Jhadol, Som, Nalwa Daiya in the State of Rajasthan and terminating at Idar in the State of Gujarat.Gujarat36108
NH-76BThe highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Rajsamand connecting Gangapur, Bhilwara, and terminating at a junction with NH-27 at Ladpura in the State of RajasthanRajasthan160160
NH-79Ajmer-Nasirabad-MP borderRajasthan220220
NH-79AKishangarh(NH-8) – Nasirabad (NH-79)Rajasthan3535
NH-90Baran – AkiraRajasthan100100
NH-112Junction with NH-14 near Bar connecting Jaitaran – Jodhpur– Kalyanpur – Balotra – Kher – Madhasar – Kawas and terminating at its junction with NH 15 near BarmerRajasthan343343
NH-113Junction of NH- 79 near Nimahera and connecting Pratapgarh – Banswara – Jhalod – Limbic and terminating at its junction with NH 59 near DahodGujarat40240
NH-114Junction with NH-65 near Jodhpur connecting Balesar – Dechhu and terminating at its junction with NH-15 near PokaranRajasthan180180
NH-116Junction with NH-12 near Tonk connecting Uniara and terminating at SwaimadhopurRajasthan8080
NH-116AThe highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Bheem and connecting Parasoli, Gulabpura on N.H-48 Shahpura, Jaipur, Shahpura, Hindoli, Nainwa and terminating at Uniara on NH-552 in the State of RajasthanRajasthan266266
NH-158Merta on N.H 89 – Lambia – Ras – Beware – Badnor – Asind – Mandal (N.H-79)Rajasthan174174
NH-162 Ext.Pali (N.H-14) – Marwad – Nadol – Desuri – Kumbalgarh – Haldighati – Nathdwara – Mavli – Whatever.Rajasthan250250
NH-709 Ext.Rohtak – Bhiwani – Lohani – Loharu – Pilani – Rajgarh Road terminating on N.H – 65.Haryana115175
NH-927ARatlam – Banswara – Sagwara – Doongarpur – Kherwara – Kotra – Sawarupganj (N.H-14)Madhya Pradesh37310

Rajasthan National Highway PDF Free Download

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