OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List PDF

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OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List PDF Free Download

OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List

Akshay Kumar’s starrer upcoming film ‘OMG 2’ has finally been passed by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) with only an adult certificate and the makers have been asked to make 27 modifications or changes before the film’s release. On 11 August 2023.

This comes after the Examination Committee (EC) of the board sent ‘OMG 2’ to the Revaluation Committee (RC) as the film revolves around a religious angle and the officials did not want to take any chances. Backlash post ‘Adipurush’ and ‘Oppenheimer’.

As per the list of amendments, the disclaimer at the beginning of the film will be redone as per CBFC instructions and will be displayed with a voiceover.

Earlier Akshay Kumar was playing the character of Lord Shiva, however, now he will be playing the character of a devotee or messenger of the Lord. Along with this, a dialogue ‘Nandi mere bhakt… jo agya prabhu’ has also been added.

The frontal scenes have been removed by the makers and suitable scenes of Naga sadhus have been used as replacements.

After this, there is an audio cut to the dialogue of an announcement being made in a temple in which women are mentioned to be reading ‘Bhakti to God…women cannot see’. It was replaced by ‘O red shirt wale bhaiya, baba ka dhyana karte karte’. The name of the school was also changed to ‘Savodaya’.

The ‘wahan media change hai’ dialogue was also revised and the reference to alcohol was removed from the film. The dialogues and scenes related to the High Court were also removed as it was found to be clearly obscene and disrespectful.

A Mood X condom poster has also been removed from a billboard. The word ‘rat’ was removed from the label of the bottle of rat poison.

In keeping with Hindu sentiments, references to Shivling, Shri Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Atharvaveda, Draupadi, Pandavas, Krishna, Gopis and Rasleela were also removed in an important dialogue. ‘Tang kyun adao?’

spoken by Akshay Kumar Changes have also been made in one of the dialogues. The scene in which Akshay Kumar’s character was shown meditating and taking a bath was also changed. Other important scenes of Akshay Kumar in which he was shown drunk were also modified.

Several other dialogues like ‘Bade Baal Dekh Kar’, ‘Satya Shivam Sundaram’, ‘Our country… is not far behind’, and ‘Stree ki yoni…’ were also modified keeping in mind the instructions. For the ‘woman’s vagina…’ scene, some obscene gestures have also been removed. The scene where a judge was seen taking a selfie inside the court premises has also been modified.

The scene in which the character Kanti, played by Pankaj Tripathi, is shown questioning a sex worker about unnatural sex, was revised with changes to the dialogues and scenes. Then, a character named Dr. Prakash Kothari was also seen talking about masturbation but now it has been changed both in terms of visuals and dialogues.

In a dialogue related to masturbation, the word ‘haram’ was replaced with the word ‘paap’. Notably, the film, which was originally based in Ujjain, is now based in a fictional place. The CBFC has also asked the makers to remove all visual, and verbal references, etc. to certain people holding important positions like Mahant.

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OMG 2 Censor Board Changes List PDF Free Download

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