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List of Conjunctions with Examples

Conjunction: A word or group of words that joins two or more words, clauses, phrases, or sentences is called a conjunction. Conjunction words are called words that join.

  1. She is good at both cooking and dancing.
  2. If we leave now, we can come home by 11 p.m.
  3. She could not be taken before a magistrate for punishment.
  4. Neither her friends nor relatives attended the party.
  5. The famous dancer is also interested in folk music.
  1. Although – Although there have been significant health improvements globally, inequalities persist.
    • Example: Although life expectancy has increased, there are still disparities in healthcare access.
  2. But – Health improvements have been remarkable, but disparities remain a challenge.
    • Example: The healthcare system has advanced, but marginalized communities still lack access to basic services.
  3. And – Health outcomes have improved, and efforts to address inequalities are ongoing.
    • Example: Increased funding for healthcare programs has led to improved outcomes, and initiatives are underway to bridge the gap in access.
  4. Yet – Health disparities persist, yet progress has been made in addressing them.
    • Example: There is still much work to be done in reducing inequalities, yet recent initiatives have shown promise in improving access to healthcare for underserved populations.
  5. So – Health improvements have been significant, so it’s important to address remaining disparities.
    • Example: The decrease in child mortality rates is encouraging, so we must continue efforts to ensure all children have access to essential healthcare services.
  6. For – Health improvements are commendable, for they reflect advancements in medical science and public health efforts.
    • Example: For many communities, increased access to clean water and sanitation has contributed to improved health outcomes.
  7. Since – Since health is closely linked to socioeconomic factors, addressing inequalities is crucial.
    • Example: Since poverty is a major determinant of health, efforts to alleviate poverty can have a significant impact on improving overall health outcomes.
  8. Because – Health disparities exist because of various social, economic, and political factors.
    • Example: Access to quality healthcare is limited in certain areas because of geographic isolation and inadequate infrastructure.
  9. Or – We must address health inequalities or the progress made in global health will be undermined.
    • Example: We can invest in healthcare infrastructure, or we risk widening the gap between those who have access to healthcare and those who don’t.
  10. Nor – Health improvements are not evenly distributed, nor are they experienced equally by all populations.
    • Example: The benefits of medical advancements are not reaching marginalized communities, nor are they adequately addressing their specific healthcare needs.

These conjunctions help convey the complexity of the topic and highlight both the progress made in health improvements and the challenges that remain in addressing inequalities.

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List of Conjunctions with Examples English Free Download

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