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IELTS Vocabulary List

While the IELTS test does not have a dedicated vocabulary section, a strong grasp of the words in all test components is important. Whether you’re learning to read, write, listen, or speak, a rich vocabulary is key to your success.

For those choosing the Academic version of IELTS, it is highly recommended to delve deeper into the Academic word list. This list includes words commonly used in academic settings, and familiarizing yourself with these words can significantly increase your performance.

Remember, the ability to understand and use a variety of words is like a Swiss Army knife in your language toolkit, ready to tackle any challenge IELTS throws at you. So, make friends with words, especially the ones in the academic word list, and watch your overall IELTS proficiency soar!

Vocabulary Words for IELTS List 1

Here is the first list of IELTS vocabulary words with their synonyms:

Blameless innocent
Crazy insane
Noted famous
Madness insanity
Arrogant haughty
Awful terrible
To disclaim to deny
To vary to differ
Accurate correct
Sacristy vestry
Dreadful terrible
Immoderate excessive
Cozy comfortable
Garbage can trashcan
Perception insight
Immediate instant
Mind intellect
Vague indistinct
Understandable comprehensible
Indisputable undeniable
Terror fright
Highbrow intellectual
Cube dice
Remoted isolated
Well timed timely
Gratuity tip
Disadvantaged deprived
Abundant ample
To misconceive to misunderstand
Denims jeans
Connect join
Ecstasy joy
Magistrate justice of the peace
Eager keen
Wise knowing
Crusade campaign
To establish to set up
Neutral impartial
Vicious ferocious
Interplay interaction
To desert to abandon
Touchdown landing
Oblique indirect
To accomplish to achieve
Hashish cannabis
To close to shut
Defective faulty
Mischievous impish
Dormant inactive
Idle lazy
Turbulent blustering
To disclose to reveal
Dally loiter
Isolated lonely
Missing lost
Drab dull
Fortunate lucky
Mendacity lying
Superb magnificent
Leading main
Chiefly mainly
Aggressive militant
Noon midday
Vague indistinct
Misfortune mishap
Misread misinterpret
Deceptive misleading
Lacking missing
Jealous envious
Doubt mistrust
Wrong mistaken
Away absent
To notify to inform
Mannequin model
Dicey risky
Empty drain
Misery distress
Impartial neutral
Impartial neutral
To behave to act
Bendy flexible
Extra additional

Vocabulary List for IELTS 2

Here is the second list of IELTS vocabulary words with their synonyms:

To administer to manage
Murderer assassin
To maintain to preserve
Mediocre fair
Aromatic fragrant
Dispute debate
Ambitious aspiring
To foretell to predict
To ignore to disregard
Virtue advantage
To cope to manage
Appreciable considerable
Disagreeable unpleasant
Rubbish nonsense
To bear on sth. to affect
Lousy awful
To consult to refer to
Cranky cross
Mackintosh waterproof coat
Pocket book notebook
Middleman intermediary
Paper money notes
Infamous notorious
Mirth fun
Selection choice
To quake to tremble
Today nowadays
Mean unkind
Contaminate defile
Impediment obstacle
Construction (lit.) interpretation
Hostile antagonistic
To function to operate
Apparent obvious
Comfort consolation
Unstated unspoken
Enormous huge, immense
Sincere honest
Imperfect faulty
Obsolete out of date
Above overhead
Total entire,
Twosome pair
Especially particularly
Monotonous boring
To hurry to rush
Ardor passion
Gut intestine
Identical duplicate
Immodest conceited
Untrue unfaithful
Achieve accomplish
To annoy to irritate, to bother
Awkward clumsy
Completely totally
To elevate to raise, to promote
Insolvent bankrupt
To rue to regret
Essential fundamental
Peaceable peaceful
Nightfall dusk
Handsome good
Stupid dense
Zenith peak
Vacant empty
Fragrance perfume
Maybe perhaps, possibly
Aid help, assist
Bad (not good) poor, naughty
Magician conjurer
Unfortunate unlucky
Gravestone headstone
Housebreaking burglary
To grab to seize
Refrain chorus
To disappear to vanish
Painting portray
Adjourn postpone
Instructions directions
Momentous powerful
Priority precedence
Stationary fixed
Praise compliment
Insufferable unbearable
Previous preceding
Exactly precisely
Mistrust distrust
Early premature
Untimely premature
Antagonize provoke
Citation quotation
Naughty disobedient
Cheesy corny, tacky
Huge vast
Hole gap
Magnify expand
Lethal deadly
Immune exempt
Mourn grieve
Ban forbid
Infrequent rare
Spontaneous automatic
To cite to quote
Uncooked raw
Arrive reach, come
Dark dismal
Unlawful illegal
Knowingly deliberately
Moderately reasonably
Insurgent rebel
Uprising rebellion
Clerk receptionist
Miserable depressing
Curative healing
Equity fairness
Immature inexperienced
Artful crafty
Practically virtually
Conscious aware
To arrive to reach
Apparent evident
Crook criminal
Unvoiced voiceless
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IELTS Vocabulary List PDF Free Dwonload

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