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Hardware Store Items List PDF Free Download

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Hardware Store Items List

Hardware stores, sometimes referred to as DIY stores sell fasteners, building materials, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, hinges, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cleaning products, household items, tools, utensils, Sell home hardware for home improvement including paint.

and lawn and garden products direct to consumers for use at home or for business.

Scrap Material

  • Scrap Copper/HDBC wire Scrap Brass
  • Scrap Lead
  • Scrap Aluminium Scrap Steel
  • Scrap Line Hardware Scrap Insulators Scrap Transformers Scrap Tower Member Scrap poles
  • Scrap panel boards Scrap Conductors Scrap Cables
  • Scrap Circuit Breakers Scrap D.F.C
  • Scrap Reserver Scrap Dice Scrap shackle Scrap Isolator Scrap M.C.C.B
  • Scrap Lighting Arrestor Scrap Distribution/’N’ Box Scrap Rack
  • Scrap Meters
  • Scrap pumps & Machineries (Motor, testing equipment, etc.) Scrap Vehicle Accessories
  • Scrap Battery & Accessories
  • Scrap Ceramic & Building Materials Scrap Plastic & Asbestos

Building Material

  • Wooden Cross Arms
  • Miscellaneous Wood Line Materials Lumber
  • Plywood (Includes: Veneer Panels, Plastic Boards) Ply Wood (Includes: Veneer panels, plastic boards)
  • Wooden Board
  • Wooden pieces Misc.
  • Mineral Construction Materials ( Includes: Aggregates, Sand & stone) Cementing Materials ( Includes: Cements, Lime, Plaster, Grout, etc.)
  • Asphalt, Bituminous Surface- Materials
  • Performed Budling Shapes ( Includes: Bricks and Tiles)
  • Roofing and siding materials ( Includes: Corrugated iron sheets, Rolled Roofing)
  • Wallboards, Hardboards ( For plywood, etc sec 145)
  • Floor covering materials (Includes: Tiles, Linoleum, Terrazzo Marble)
  • Glass and Glazing Materials ( Includes: Windows, Doors, Doors & roof Glasses
  • Mild steel (Rods, angels, Flat Bars, Zet Bars, etc.) Pipe (Gl, R.C.C, P.V.C Etc.)
  • Asbestos and Plastic corrugated roofing Miscellaneous
  • Budling Construction Materials
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Hardware Store Items List PDF Free Download

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