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“Dune” is a classic science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert, begun in 1965. The story unfolds in a futuristic setting following the journey of Paul Atreides, a young aristocrat whose family rules the desert world of Arrakis.

The planet is famous as the sole producer of the universe’s most coveted resource, known as “mélange” or “spice”. Melange has remarkable properties, including prolonging life, increasing awareness, and facilitating interstellar travel.

Duke Leto Atreides moves his house to Arrakis with the intention of assuming control from House Harkonnen. Nevertheless, the Atreides soon became entangled in a web of political intrigue and betrayal orchestrated by the Harkonnens and Emperor Shaddam IV.

Leto becomes a victim of betrayal and is killed, forcing Paul and his mother Jessica to flee into the desert to escape their enemies.

As the frenetic activity of final preparations reached a fever pitch a week before their departure for Arrakis, everyone was running around in an almost unbearable frenzy. Amidst this chaos, an elderly man came to meet Paul’s mother.

Castle Caladon, their ancestral home for twenty-six generations, was bathed in the warmth of night, yet exuded the air of ancient stone, hinting at the family’s enduring legacy. However, the weather played tricks, making the atmosphere feel both cold and humid.

Through a vaulted passage and a side door, the old woman entered Paul’s room. There, she finds him lying on a bed, giving her a momentary glimpse of the boy who will soon embark on a life-changing journey.

In the dim half-light cast by a suspender lamp near the floor, Paul, who was now awake, could make out the shadow of a strong female figure standing a little ahead of his mother at his door.

The old woman appeared as a shadowy presence, her hair matted like cobwebs, her features obscured by a hood, and her eyes shining like glittering jewels.

“Isn’t he small for his age, Jessica?” The old lady enquired, her voice hoarse and discordant. Paul’s mother replied in her gentle, sweet voice, “Atreides has delayed development, your honor.”

“So I have heard, so I have heard,” said the old woman, wheezing. “Yet he’s already fifteen.” “Yes, your honor.”

“He is awake and listening to us,” said the old woman, laughing. “Clever little fellow.” She laughed again. “But royalty requires finesse. And if he really is Quizzatz Haderach… well….”

From the shadow of his bed, Paul kept his eyes barely open and peered out through narrow cracks. The two glowing spheres – the old woman’s eyes – grew larger and brighter as they locked onto her eyes.

“Rest well, you clever little scoundrel,” said the old woman. “Tomorrow, you will need all your wits to face my Gom Jabbar.”

And just like that, the old woman disappeared, ushered her mother out, and slammed the door shut. Paul lay in bed, questions racing through his mind: What exactly was Gom Jabbar? Amidst all the turmoil during this transition period, the old woman emerged as the most unique personality he had encountered.

Why did he address her mother as Jessica, as if she were a common servant rather than a Bene Gesserit lady, the duke’s concubine and mother of the ducal heir? Does Gom Jabbar have something important to understand from Arrakis before they leave?

Silently he repeated strange words to himself: Gom Jabbar… Kwisatz Haderach. There was a lot to absorb and understand. Arrakis would be vastly different from Caladon, and Paul’s mind spun from the influx of new information.

Arrakis—Dunes—Desert Planet. His father’s master of assassins, Thufir Havat, explained his situation: their centuries-old rivals, the Harkonnens, had controlled Arrakis for eighty years, exploiting the planet’s resources, particularly the germinating spice, melange.

Now, with the departure of the Harkonnens, House Atreides will assume control – a clear victory for Duke Leto. However, Hwat warns that there are grave dangers hidden in this apparent victory, as Duke Leto’s popularity among the great Houses of the Landstrad could provoke jealousy and hostility.

Arrakis—Dunes—Desert Planet. As Paul drifted off to sleep, he imagined a terrible cave on Arrakis, surrounded by silent figures moving in the dim glow of the light globe.

As he listened to the sound of the gentle drops of water, he felt almost as solemn as a church. Even within the dream, Paul realized that he would remember it when he woke up. He always remembered the dreams that told him the future.

As the dream ended, Paul woke up, wrapped in the cozy warmth of his bed, his thoughts still wandering. Perhaps this world of Castle Caladon, devoid of peers his own age, did not warrant sadness upon departure.

Dr. Yueh, his mentor, had suggested that the rigid class system of the Faufreluches was not as strong in Arrakis. The planet harbored a people who lived in the desert areas without captivity or Bashar’s command: the mysterious Fremen, who were not recorded in any Imperial census.

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Dune Book English PDF Free Dwonload

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