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Yahoo Dating For Man And Women

What do you seek in a relationship?

There is one person out there for everybody, and I am not willing to settle for second best. The man I choose will be forever because we will connect our souls together in everlasting bliss. I believe strongly in inner beauty, so although a physical attraction helps, I am seeking a man with a heart of gold.

What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?

I am looking for the essentials in a man. Honesty, loyalty, commitment, compassion, but above all else I seek individuality. That one man who can touch my heart.

What sort of relationship do you seek?

I am seeking friendship to start with, as I’m cautious with my heart and won’t take anything too lightly. So I suppose I am looking for a best friend to develop into something more and God fearing person.

What do you do for Fun?

I like bowling, fishing, cooking, hanging with my friends and family, and listening to music and watching movies, things like that

Do you like public intimacy?

I think to show affection in public is part of the acceptance of a relationship, Public intimacy is my thing. I miss that though. I like to hold and to Walk while holding my hand still, it’s fun I guess…

What interests you?

I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction as well as BIBLE. If it’s got words in it I will read it. Sounds simple, I know, but people express their feelings a lot more thoroughly through writing than any other way. I enjoy a lot of other things too, socializing, good food, sport, live music, films.

I think the key to a successful relationship is to love with all your heart and to always show that you do. And of course to always be honest Commitment is the greatest key to a successful relationship.

If you are committed you will always find a way to work things out Communication… talking and open honest communication about how you feel.

What makes you happy and what upsets you? If you don’t tell your partner then they can’t do what makes you happy and vice versa.

The way a person treats his/her parents reveals how they WILL treat you! If it’s with love, kindness and respect, then this is what you will receive.

But if it’s with criticism, defensiveness and disrespect, then this too you will receive… EVENTUALLY… it’s almost certainly a guarantee!

So watch and listen to the answers you get in their actions and words BEFORE you jump into bed.

I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance. When you can fully accept yourself, honesty will come naturally.

This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can.

Build a successful relationship from this

I believe that the most important ‘key’ to a successful relationship would have to be ‘trust’. I believe that with trust, love will follow.

However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by the other person,

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Dating Formate PDF Free Download

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