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Step By Step Chatting Formate For Dating PDF Free Download

Trust Dating Format Question And Answer

Here we provide multiple samples for for dating, we take them from various sources and combine them.

What do you seek in a relationship?

There is one person out there for everybody, and I am not willing to settle for second best. The man I choose will be forever because we will connect our souls together in everlasting bliss. I believe strongly in inner beauty, so although a physical attraction helps, I am seeking a man with a heart of gold.

What are the basic qualities you seek in a lady?

I am looking for the essentials in a man. Honesty, loyalty, commitment, and compassion, but above all else I seek individuality. That one man who can touch my heart.

What sort of relationship do you seek?

I am seeking friendship to start with, as I’m cautious with my heart and won’t take anything too lightly. So I suppose I am looking for a best friend to develop into something more and God a God-fearing person.

What do you do for Fun?

I like bowling, fishing, cooking, hanging with my friends and family, and listening to music and watching movies, things like that

Do you like public intimacy?

I think to show affection in public is part of the acceptance of a relationship, Public intimacy is my thing. I miss that though. I like to hold and to Walk while holding my hand still, it’s fun I guess…

What interests you?

I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction as well as Bibles. If it’s got words in it I will read it. Sounds simple, I know, but people express their feelings a lot more thoroughly through writing than in any other way. I enjoy a lot of other things too, socializing, good food, sports, live music, and films.

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Legit Dating Formats For Woman To Man Company

In this format, a woman introduces herself to a man.

Format 1: For start your chat

hello I am Ella. I’m new to this site, it’s really nice and I looked at your profile, I really like everything your profile says about you and it seems like we have a lot in common. I would love to hear from you and I would love for us to share photos. My ID is… I would be glad to hear from you.

Format 2:

This is something about my personality that I would like to tell you I like listening to music and I also like swimming, camping, shopping, reading and even dancing. Because music is really a part of my life and I can’t live a day without listening to music. And my kind of music is gospel R$B with country and opera.

I love music and have over 1,300 RnB CDs. I like to run 4 miles. I like watching/going to the movies. I started drawing a cartoon strip when I was 10 years old. I like being outside. Some shopping I like nature, camping in tents for holidays.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sailing, swimming, bicycling, playing volleyball, watching movies, gardening, cooking, exercising, eating out, and going to the beach. I always make sure that I clean the house regularly and keep everything in order.

I like washing clothes and I like reading novels, as well as cooking and doing a lot of housework. I also love hanging out with my loved ones, I still don’t know what I did that I was so lucky to click on your name and who knows my dream has come true.

However, I am so grateful we have gotten to know more about each other and grown so much in this short time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

I would really like to know more about you because my heart and soul are really looking forward to a long term relationship. I like going to the beach and the movies and I like playing basketball and long tennis and swimming for fun, and I like outdoor sports. What do you do for fun or in your free time?

For More formats and details you can download PDF For Free

Chatting Format For Dating (Message For Dating)

This dating format message pdf helps single, married men and women for dating.

Format 1:

Hello Cutie,
How are you doing over there, I hope all is well and fine with you. Well, I was surfing the computer to see if I could have someone to chat with before I came close to your profile… Baby you have a very gorgeous smile, If kisses were water I would give you the ocean right now.
May I ask whom did you get your lovely smile from, Mom or Dad? You are so gorgeous honestly I don’t know the best words to use to describe your incredibly good looks and your profile is quite interesting too.
from the bottom of my heart, I would love to be your very good friend, someone you can talk to and get to know each other very well and better, waiting to hear from you.

Format 2:

Hello, my name is Gabriel Morgan, thank you for accepting my friend request, I am so honored to have you as a friend.

I saw your beautiful profile and I felt very good, did you know that you have a precious smile that can make anyone laugh even if he is angry?

God has blessed you with various gifts of life, your beauty, your smile.
Gabriel Hello my dear, how are you, I could not take my eyes off your profile because I saw the angelica radiation in your eyes, you are so calm and gentle, you are the epitome of beauty.

I hope you have a good heart too, if you don’t mind I would really love to know more about you, how are you my dear, I have just read your summary and I find it captivating, I really want you to give us a chance to get to know each other better, if you don’t mind, let’s spend a lovely evening.

Thank you for your words towards me.
I looked at what you wrote in your profile and I must tell you that I find it captivating and lovely… I am 48 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but have lived in London for many years.

I have a daughter, Ruth, whom I love very much, I am a widower… Tell me about yourself friend. Hope to hear from you.. Sweet, warm wishes Gabriel

In This pdf, you find a chatting-type format for dating that helps both men and women.

Download PDF for 101 formats

Question Answer You may use in your chat

1. What do you do for a living? I am in construction engineering On a contractual basis, my dear.

2. What do you want in a relationship? exactly what you said About you, loyalty, honesty, love, trust, caring, etc.

3. What are the basic qualities you look for in a woman? an honest And a true woman who will take care of her man and make her man feel like a king every day.

4. What kind of relationship do you want? I am looking for A relationship that has the fear of God and a relationship that lasts forever

5. What are you interested in? Sports like football, basketball, tennis etc., I also like shopping, cooking and keeping my house clean all day long.

6. Have you ever been married? no, still looking for him Still my queen I guess.
7. Do you have any children, if yes how many? No
8. What do you do for fun? As I said, I love shopping, cooking Sometimes I read my Bible and go to exotic places and walk alone.

9. Do you like public intimacy? yes, it must be someone who has Same chemistry with me too.
10 How long have you been alone? Now 5 years.
11. What’s it like to live alone? Honestly, it would be boring and lonely.
12. How do you treat your woman? I will always treat her the same Queen because she’s the one for me.
13. Why do you need a woman? To love, take care and find someone who will raise a family with me truthfully and honestly.

14. What are your religious beliefs and/or affiliations? Christianity
15. Have you ever slept with another man or been depressed? No, I have not slept with any man.
16. Can you love this woman the way she deserves to be loved? I will show him 100% love.

17. What kind of jealousy is this to you, a) She can’t talk to anyone Whether the man is a friend or not, or b) he is watching; I’m smiling because she’s coming home Me. I want my wife to have male friends but I feel jealous when she sees another man
Holding or kissing her.

Dating Format For Website Profile For Relationship

This pdf helps you to create a good social media and dating profile.

Format 1:

I’m looking for someone who will love me for who I am. Honesty, friendship, giving, understanding and love for each other are the things I am looking for, possibly this can lead to a long term relationship.

I am looking for a good decent Christian man whom I can appreciate, care for, love and treat right. I am looking for a man with good family values and morals, who will appreciate me and treat me right.

I am a Christian and am independent, successful, employed and financially stable. I am a very self-motivated person, plus I am very humble, kind and affectionate.

I enjoy long walks, wine/candles, food, movies, light music and playfulness with men, as well as other open social activities. Although I love children (I don’t have any of my own).

I’m open-minded, very honest and love a good conversation on almost any topic.

Format 2:

I wish to meet a beautiful, sensitive, sensual, warm, determined single woman who wants a friend.
My interpretation of a friend is that you can cast all your heart’s content, chaff and grain together, knowing that generosity of hands will take it all, move it, keep what is worth keeping And, with one breath of mercy, blow away the rest.
I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique character.
A man who is affectionate, handsome, well-built, honest, easy-going, with interests and characteristics similar to and even closer to mine. Someone who wants a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship, not just a few dates

For more dating profiles, Download the PDF

Yahoo Dating Format For Client

First of all I will give a tip on the new and modified dating format that the big boys are using to make millions.
Please read carefully.

I want to assume that anyone reading this and intending to practice this already has the basic tools
For the purpose of clarity.

I’d also like to assume you’ve read our article on free dating sites that the Yahoo guys use for their clients

In this dating format, you will be a hot sexy student. You can be male or female (but usually women
very attractive)

Store as many photos of the person you’re pretending as possible on your device.
After Bombing for the Customer Now you have a particular customer you want to bill, take your time to reach out.

know him. Let him believe that he knows you too.
Don’t be in a hurry to pay the bill. Remember, nothing good comes easy.
He bonds during your conversation as if you had a boyfriend (assuming you’re pretending to be a girl).
Say yes. Don’t say ‘no’, otherwise, he will immediately start doubting you.

He will definitely want to have a video call with you and this is one of the most important tools,
The cloning app comes in handy. But if you do not have this application then you can take the help of Any pretty girl you know can take the call. White men don’t really pay attention to facial details until you are a pretty girl.

Don’t be too hasty in replying to his messages. In fact, ignore most of his messages. crave him
your attention.

After chatting with her for several weeks or months, she may want to ask about your boyfriend again.

This time say that you guys have problems but you are struggling to solve it.
By this time you guys must have exchanged numbers. You must have a foreign number from countries You are planning to use it to deceive your customers. Give her one of yours. Also, have a Paris number (or the number of Any country below that you choose to use)

Also, start telling her how well you travel and how you intend to meet a friend in Paris (or Wherever) after your inquiry. Make it seem like the person you’re meeting is one of them opposite sex.

After a few days, tell him that you will be starting your exams soon and you may not be online much.

Take a break from replying to his messages within this period so that it seems legitimate that you are writing your message Examination

Come online again after a long time, but don’t message her. He’ll say ‘hi’ when he sees you.
Apologize for wasting his time and start a conversation with him again.

After some time, go offline again for several days.
Ask any girl with a good voice to call you from your Paris number on a good day. let him know you’re here

About the airport and returning back to my country after meeting my friend in Paris.
Then ask him where he is (ie, his country) when he tells you just yell, too bad! you tell him
I thought this might be somewhere you might stop by on your way back from meeting your other friend.

He and maybe have a good time before going back. Whether he likes it or not, it will get his blood pumping Pressure.

He will start asking questions. He may also ask whom you went to meet. Tell her about your ex, but nothing else It happened between you guys.

Just wait for it. He will start bothering you the next time you meet him. Don’t rush and agree. take your time

To get busy with her part-time modeling work.
Ask him to come to your country. He will definitely refuse and request you to come again.
Tell him you don’t have that kind of money at the moment, maybe you can do it on your next visit
Consider meeting him.

He will ask when is the journey. Give her a date far away. You will see that he will not be comfortable.

The time has come because he wants to meet you and wants to meet you quickly. He will beg you to send him money for the flight Shopping (if you tell her you’ll need new clothes for the trip)

Right now, my brothers and sisters, it is in the palms of your hands. You don’t need to rush.
Just do what you want from there. Use your mind and you will see the magic.

For many. This was shared with me by a successful G boy who wants others to enjoy the glory like him Enjoying.

……. For more download the PDF

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If you are a military person or a single person then this Chat Dating format is for you.

Note: Worldwide numbers of dating scams reported. Mostly scammer wins the trust and demands help in terms of money. Here I attach one scam format. Please be alert.

If you find this type of chatting format, Immediately block them.

Chatting Format For Dating PDF Free Download

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