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The Daemonology of King James, VI of Scotland and I of England, was written, as the royal author states in his preface, to prove that ‘the attacks of Suthan are certainly practised, and their devices , deserve the most severe punishment.’

Such work has more significance than immediate interest.

It gives students of history and literature a concise and authoritative guide to the deepest beliefs of our forefathers; There is much in it to interest the theologian and the psychologist, while the linguist will find the book a mine of rare and curious phrases.

To the modern mind, after three centuries of scientific discovery, many of Epistemon’s arguments will seem somewhat naïve, and, it has to be admitted, Philomathes, in his laudable efforts to draw out the scholarship of his fellows, sometimes did so. Asks questions to which very inadequate answers are given.

Our greater understanding and weaker faith will hardly be convinced by this example: “Third, did not Samuel say to Saul, that disobedience is tantamount to the sin of witchcraft?

To compare with something that we are not, it was very absurd.’ Still, given the underlying belief, the findings are not illogical.

King James makes several shrewd remarks, and the medium of the twentieth century will probably confirm that twenty women are given to that craft, while one is a man.

The explanation (given on pp. 43-4) will probably not be accepted so easily.

The News from Scotland, which is also included in this volume of the Bodley Head Quartos, claims to give a true account of a very notable witch trial in which King James played a leading part.

The influence of the ‘revelation’ made then can be clearly seen in Daemonology. Although at first glance the brutality and barbarism of the whole occupation is revolting, it should not be put off by mere bewilderment and terror.

These poor women were ready to confess anything when a rope was tied over their heads ‘according to the custom of that country’,

But the judges’ credulity came to an end when Agnese Sampson pulled the king aside and ‘told him about the fords that passed between the King’s maesty and his queen in Vpsloe, Norway, on the first night of their marriage,


I am certainly very glad to meet you today, because I am of the opinion that you can give me a better solution of something about which I am in great doubt, than anyone else I can meet with. EPI.

Whatever I can, that you wish to taunt me, I will willingly and freely tell.

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Dæmonologie PDF Free Download

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