Calcutta University Question Papers PDF

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Calcutta University Question Papers PDF Free Download

Calcutta University Question Papers

Candidates who are studying at Calcutta University and want to download a sample question paper Pdf file, you are in the right place.

We here will provide you with all Courses from last year’s papers for the University of Calcutta. You can also download each semester’s question paper in a pdf file with the solution from here.

For simplicity, we are updating Calcutta University Year wise sample papers which are available in pdf files for download.

You can download course/year/sem-wise sample papers from the below list:

Calcutta University Old Papers – 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, etc

Calcutta University’s old paper will help you in getting a high score. With the help of old papers, you can get good marks in your Calcutta University 2023-2024 exam.

If you are going to give UOC examination then definitely these old papers pdf will help you to score high in your exam. We are also providing detailed solutions for old papers.

You can download the University of Calcutta old papers with solutions pdf file. If you want to view these old papers according to courses and branches, semester then check following links given below:

B.Com. Hons. Taxation-I 4th Sem. [CC-4.1CH-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Business Communication 2nd Sem. [GE-2.1Ghg-2019] for Hons. & Gen.2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Cost & Mgmt Ac-I 2nd Sem. [CC.2.1CG-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Cost & Mgmt Ac-II 4th Sem. [CC.4.2CG-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Taxation-I 4th Sem. [CC-4.1CG-2019]2019Click Here
Bengali-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Bengali-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Bengali-CC/GE-2/General Candidates/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Hindi-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-CC/GE-2/General Candidates/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
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Calcutta University Question Papers PDF Free Download

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