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Alif Baa Introduction To Arabic Letters And Sounds Book PDF Free Download

Introduction To Arabic Letters And Sounds

Ahlan wa S ahlan! Welcome to Arabic! This textbook, Alf Baa, represents the first in a series of textbooks aimed at teaching Arabic to English-speaking students, followed by Al-Kitaab fii Ta callum al-cArabiyya I, II, and III.

The present book aims to help you learn to pronounce the sounds of Arabic and write its letters, and to begin speaking Arabic.

Unit 1 will give you an overview of Arabic, and units 2 through 10 will introduce you to the letters, sounds, and symbols that make up the Arabic writing system.

In addition to the sounds and letters of Arabic, Alit Baa will introduce and help you master over two hundred words of basic vocabulary, including important expressions for polite interaction with speakers of Arabic.

The materials are designed for you to prepare at home and come to class ready to speak, read, and write using what you have studied outside class.

Everyone learns at his or her own pace, and class time is limited, so it will be much more efficient for you to prepare the material, listen, and practice at your speed.

The textbook and accompanying media are designed to give you everything you need to study and learn the sounds, letters, and vocabulary.

Alif Baa is accompanied by audio, video, and interactive exercises available on a companion website,, to be used outside of class.

We have designed the book to work best with the companion website, and we encourage you and your teachers to use it.

Each book also includes a DVD with the same audio and video that is on the website and everything that is needed to complete all of the exercises, in case you do not have reliable internet access.

You know to turn to the DVD or website when you see the 0. The website can be used by independent learners or by a class, as most of the exercises are instantly graded for immediate feedback.

In addition to audio and video exercises and activities, you will watch a calligrapher write the letters so that you have a model to follow as you work through them.

The materials also contain some print examples of authentic or “real-life” Arabic from various sources, and we have included short cultural notes that explain some aspects of the situations that you will see in the scenes.

You will find English—Arabic and Arabic—English glossaries at the end of the book that include all the words and expressions introduced in the book as active vocabulary.

Please read the introductions to the glossaries before using them because each glossary is designed for specific purposes.

All of the listening and writing exercises in Alif Baa are designed as homework for you to do in preparation for class.

This approach allows you to study and learn at your own pace and saves class time for interactive activities.

A feature that is new in this third edition of the program is a number of interactive, autocorrecting exercises on the interactive media that give you immediate feedback.

It is very important that you work through all of these exercises as thoroughly as you can, and that you tell your instructor if you are having trouble with them in the form of many missed answers, or if you feel that you are just guessing and not answering.

Your instructor should collect from you and check the dictation and letter connection exercises to check on your progress.

In this edition, the dictation exercises are recorded in video rather than audio so that you can take advantage of the visual clues to help you hear and write the words correctly.

We believe that you must learn to recognize and produce Arabic sounds accurately from the outset for several reasons.

First, you must learn to pronounce Arabic correctly to communicate effectively with Arabic speakers. Second, Arabic sounds are not very difficult.

AuthorMahmoud Al-Bat
Language Arabic, English
No. of Pages258
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Alif Baa: Introduction To Arabic Letters And Sounds Book PDF Free Download

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