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726 AI cameras To Identify Traffic Rule Violators Across

The ‘Safe Kerala’ project to detect traffic violations through artificial intelligence (AI) cameras and levy fines will start on April 20. The Kerala Motor vehicle department has installed 726 AI cameras across the state to detect traffic violations.


Driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, traveling without wearing a seat belt, more than two people traveling on a two-wheeler, using mobile phones while driving, and red-light violation- these are the offenses that the AI camera will catch first.

The Motor Vehicle Department has decided to implement the ‘Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System’ as part of the ‘Safe Kerala’ project to detect violations of the law through cameras, stating that roadside checking is creating difficulties for the public.

The AI cameras are solar powered and data is transferred using 4G connectivity SIM. All vehicles will be analyzed by the visual processing unit in the camera box.

The picture of the vehicles that violated the traffic rules and the photo of the driver will be sent to the control room of the Motor Vehicles Department.

There is a system to collect six months of violation footage. The Motor Vehicles Department said that up to 30,000 penalty notices can be sent in a day.

Thiruvananthapuram Parassala

Thiruvananthapuram Pambukala

Thiruvananthapuram Kovalam Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Neyyattinkara_2

Thiruvananthapuram Neyyattinkara_1

Thiruvananthapuram Thozhukkal

Thiruvananthapuram Balaramapuram_1

Thiruvananthapuram Balaramapuram_2

Thiruvananthapuram Pallichal Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvallom

Thiruvananthapuram Kumarichantha

Thiruvananthapuram Vellayani Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Vellayani Jn_2

Thiruvananthapuram Manacaud Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Eenjakkal_1

Thiruvananthapuram Eenjakkal_2

Thiruvananthapuram Killipalam, near PRS hopspital

Thiruvananthapuram Killipalam

Thiruvananthapuram Power house road

Thiruvananthapuram East fort stretch

Thiruvananthapuram Thambanoor

Thiruvananthapuram Malayinkeezh

Thiruvananthapuram Kaithamukk

Thiruvananthapuram MG Road

Thiruvananthapuram Poojapura

Thiruvananthapuram All saints

Thiruvananthapuram All saints_2

Thiruvananthapuram Pettah

Thiruvananthapuram Vettukadu

Thiruvananthapuram Holy Angels Convent road

Thiruvananthapuram AKG center

Thiruvananthapuram Mangattukadav

Thiruvananthapuram Vazhuthacaud, WC jn

Thiruvananthapuram Palayam, near AKG center

Thiruvananthapuram Chakka bypass

Thiruvananthapuram Palayam

Thiruvananthapuram Kattakada_3

Thiruvananthapuram Edapazhanji Bridge

Thiruvananthapuram Kattakada_1

Thiruvananthapuram Kattakada_2

Thiruvananthapuram Kundamankadavu_2

Thiruvananthapuram Kundamankadavu_1

Thiruvananthapuram Veli

Thiruvananthapuram KIMS Hopspital Jn, Venpalavattam

Thiruvananthapuram Venpalavattom near KIMS

Thiruvananthapuram Venpalavattam, Poonthi road

Thiruvananthapuram Vilappilsala

Thiruvananthapuram Pattom

Thiruvananthapuram Kottamukk,Aakkulam

Thiruvananthapuram Pulimood Jn, Vattiyoorkav

Thiruvananthapuram Pattom(PVDS)

Thiruvananthapuram Kallikkaad

Thiruvananthapuram Ulloor

Thiruvananthapuram Ambalamukk

Thiruvananthapuram Poovachal

Thiruvananthapuram Puliyarakonam

Thiruvananthapuram Bypass near UST Global

Thiruvananthapuram Vazhayila, To Peroorkada

Thiruvananthapuram Nettayam

Thiruvananthapuram Vazhayila, To Nedumangadu

Thiruvananthapuram Kottamughal_1

Thiruvananthapuram Kottamughal_2

Thiruvananthapuram Mannanthala, Pothencode road

Thiruvananthapuram Mannanthala, Peroorkada road

Thiruvananthapuram Paravankunnu Jn.

Thiruvananthapuram Vettroad, towards Pothencode

Thiruvananthapuram Vettroad, Pothencode road

Thiruvananthapuram Vattappara_1

Thiruvananthapuram Vattappara

Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangad, Peroorkada road

Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangadu, Kulavikkonam

Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangadu, Ponmudi road

Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangadu

Thiruvananthapuram Nedumangadu Vembayam road

Thiruvananthapuram MC road, Venjaramood

Thiruvananthapuram Thandrampoyka

Thiruvananthapuram Mama Moonnumukku, Attingal

Thiruvananthapuram Kizhakkenalumukk, Attingal

Thiruvananthapuram Kacherinada, Attingal Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Alamcode Jn

Thiruvananthapuram Karet

Thiruvananthapuram Varkala Sivagiri roundabout

Thiruvananthapuram Varkala Sivagiri roundabout_2

Thiruvananthapuram Varkala, railway station road

Thiruvananthapuram Varkala road, Kallambalam

Thiruvananthapuram Kilimanoor

Thiruvananthapuram Navaikulam_2

Thiruvananthapuram Navaikulam_1

Thiruvananthapuram Kallambalam, Kilimanoor road

Kollam Parippally Jn, Chadayamangalam road

Kollam Parippally Jn, towards Paravoor

Kollam Madathara Jn, Thenmala road

Kollam Nilamel Jn, Parippally road

Kollam Hospital Jn, Kadakkal, Kulathupuzha road

Kollam Ooranvila, Chathannoor, bus stand Jn

Kollam Thirumukk Jn, Chathannoor

Kollam Kottiyam Jn, towards Kollam

Kollam Kottiyam Jn, Kannanalloor road

Kollam Chadayamangalam

Kollam Oyoor Jn, Poyappally road

Kollam SN College Jn

Kollam Kollam railway station, Karbala to Chinnakkada road

Kollam Kannanalloor Jn, Kundara road

Kollam Ayoor, Trivandrum road

Kollam Mukhathala, Kollam road

Kollam Palakadavu

Kollam Kulathooppuzha Jn, Madathara road

Kollam Ramankulangara, Kollam road

Kollam Pooyappally, Oyoor road

Kollam Mangad

Kollam Karikkod, Kundara road

Kollam Kureepuzha

Kollam Vadakke Jn, Nedumoncavu

Kollam Anchal Jn, Kulathupuzha road

Kollam Sakthikulangara

Kollam Pavoor Vayal Jn

Kollam Vettuthara Jn

Kollam Odanavattom

Kollam Mukkada, Kundara road

Kollam Thenmala Jn Chenkotta road

Kollam Ezhukone, Kottarakkara road

Kollam Karikkam, Kottarakkara road

Kollam Titanium Jn, Sasthamkotta road

Kollam Randu road Jn

Kollam Market Jn Kottarakkara, Puthoor road

Kollam Punaloor, Kottarakkara road

Kollam Karalimukk Jn

Kollam Kunnikode, Kottarakkara road

Kollam Puthoor, Kottarakkara road

Kollam Mynagappally – Sasthamkotta road

Kollam Sasthamkotta

Kollam Karunagappally Jn

Kollam Bharanikavu Jn

Kollam Nediyavila Jn

Kollam Patharam. High School Jn. Karunagappally road

Kollam Puthiyakavu Jn

Kollam Alappat Jn, Kulakkada

Kollam Thazhava Jn

Kollam Chakkuvally Jn

Kollam Pathanapuram

Kollam Oachira Bypass Jn,

Pathanamthitta Kadampanad Jn, Eanath road

Pathanamthitta Enath, Adoor MC road

Pathanamthitta Kalanjoor Jn, Elamannoor – Paadam road

Pathanamthitta Nellimuttilpadi Jn, Sasthamkotta road

Pathanamthitta Ezhamkulam Jn, Adoor road

Pathanamthitta Adoor Jn

Pathanamthitta High school Jn, Adoor

Pathanamthitta Anandapally Jn, Pathanamthitta road

Pathanamthitta Pandalam Medical mission Jn

Pathanamthitta Konni, Pathanapuram road

Pathanamthitta Pandalam, Kaippattoor road

Pathanamthitta MC road, Kulanada

Pathanamthitta Omallur, Puthenpeedika, Pathanamthitta road

Pathanamthitta Pathanamthitta Stadium Jn

Pathanamthitta Parumala Church Junction

Pathanamthitta Aban Jn, Sabarimala road

Pathanamthitta Elanthoor Jn, Kozhancheri road

Pathanamthitta Chittar Jn, Thannithod road. Near bus stand

Pathanamthitta Kozhanchery. Thiruvalla road. Near bridge

Pathanamthitta Vadasserikkara, Chittar road

Pathanamthitta Kuttoor, Thiruvalla MCroad

Pathanamthitta Valanjavattom, Kavumbhagam – Mavelikkara road –

Pathanamthitta Blockpady

Pathanamthitta Perunad Market Jn,

Pathanamthitta Podiyadi – Nedumbaram, Ambalapuzha (Edathua) – Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Perumbuzha, Ranni, Pathanamthitta road

Pathanamthitta Cross Jn, Thiruvalla

Pathanamthitta Idinjillam(Kavumbhagam Road)

Pathanamthitta Angadimukk, Ranni. Kozhancheri road

Pathanamthitta Eraviperur, Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Thadiyoor, Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Ittiyappara, Ranni

Pathanamthitta Thottabhagam, Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Bypass road, Changanassery Road

Pathanamthitta Vennikkulam, Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Chilanga Jn

Pathanamthitta Perunthuruthi, Thiruvalla – Changanassery road

Pathanamthitta Chalappaly, Mallappally road

Pathanamthitta Mandamaruthi Jn, Ponkunnam road

Pathanamthitta Vechoochira, Mannadisala Navodaya school road

Pathanamthitta Kunnanthanam Jn, Mallappally road

Pathanamthitta Mallapally, Thiruvalla road

Pathanamthitta Chungapara Jn, Mallappally road

Pathanamthitta Nedungadappally, Changanassery road

Alappuzha Mukkada jn

Alappuzha Kayamkulam Govt Hospital Rd

Alappuzha Charumoodu

Alappuzha Pullukulangara

Alappuzha Kattanam

Alappuzha Kuttitheruvu jn

Alappuzha Muthukulam high school junction

Alappuzha mangam kuzhiyil

Alappuzha Thattarambalam

Alappuzha Choondupalaka junction muttom

Alappuzha Kollakadavu

Alappuzha Michel junction

Alappuzha Thrickunnappuzha

Alappuzha Ikya Junction

Alappuzha Madhava junction

Alappuzha Mulakuzha

Alappuzha Nangyarkulangara(Thrikkunnapuzha Road)

Alappuzha Marketjuncion,kacheri junction

Alappuzha Veeyapuram

Alappuzha Mannaar

Alappuzha Kallisseri

Alappuzha Edathua

Alappuzha Thottappalli

Alappuzha Ambalappuzha(Edathua Road)

Alappuzha Valanjavazhi(SN Kavala)

Alappuzha Kaichoondy

Alappuzha Kaithavan, kalarcode

Alappuzha Valiyakulam junction

Alappuzha Zackariya bazar

Alappuzha Power house bridge

Alappuzha District court alappuzha

Alappuzha Valyachudukaad

Alappuzha Irumbu Paalam

Alappuzha Muhamma

Alappuzha Thannermukkom bund

Alappuzha Cherthala court junction

Alappuzha Kattoor

Alappuzha Shaktheeswaran Junction

Alappuzha thuravoor td junction

Alappuzha Thyckattushery ferry

Alappuzha Arookutti bridge

Kottayam Laikadu bridge – 1

Kottayam Laikadu Bridge – 2

Kottayam Kattachira

Kottayam Parelappally church

Kottayam Kannanperoor bridge – 1

Kottayam     Kannanperoor bridge – 2

Kottayam Karukachal – 1

Kottayam Karukachal – 2

Kottayam  Kanjirappally

Kottayam Near Police station, Ponkunnam, KK road

Kottayam Ponkunnam Police station Pala road

Kottayam Kodimatha – 2, Manipuzha

Kottayam Pala Road – Ponkunnam

Kottayam Kodimatha – 1

Kottayam Kottayam Kumaly road

Kottayam KK road Kanjikuzhi

Kottayam  Kottayam Kumarakom road – 1

Kottayam Kottayam Kumarakom road – 2

Kottayam Nagampadom bridge – 1

Kottayam Nagampadom bridge – 2

Kottayam St. Joseph church, Paika town – 2

Kottayam Central junction – 2

Kottayam St. Joseph church, Paika town – 1

Kottayam Central junction – 1

Kottayam Aaniyilapp, Eerattupetta

Kottayam  Aruvithura church – 1, Erattupetta

Kottayam  Aruvithura Church – 2, Earttupetta

Kottayam Near Mubarak Masjid, Nadaykkal

Kottayam  Almanar HSS, Erattupetta

Kottayam Masjid noor juma masjid, Erattupetta 1

Kottayam Masjid Noor Juma Masjid, Erattupetta 2

Kottayam Ponkunnam Bridge – 2

Kottayam  Head post office Pala – 2

Kottayam Ponkunnam Bridge – 1

Kottayam   Head post office Pala – 1

Kottayam SRTO 1 Pala

Kottayam SRTO 2 Pala

Kottayam Near KSEB Pala – 1

Kottayam RV junction Pala – 2

Kottayam Near KSEB Pala – 2

Kottayam RV Junction Pala – 1

Kottayam Near Govt hospital Thalayolaparambu

Kottayam Govt hospital junction

Kottayam Near Thalappara junction

Idukki GH road

Idukki Munnar,theatre bazar

Idukki Adimali 2

Idukki Adimali 1

Idukki Pooppara junction

Idukki Rajakumari

Idukki Rajakkad

Idukki Murickassery

Idukki Vengalloor

Idukki muthalakodam

Idukki Al azhar college

Idukki Vengalloor 2

Idukki Mangattu kavala

Idukki Boys high school junction

Idukki Kaarickode

Idukki Kolani parackadavu

Idukki Municipal park

Idukki Manakkad junction

Idukki Kanjiramattom junction

Idukki Karimban

Idukki Kolani

Idukki Thopramkudy

Idukki Mrala

Idukki Cheruthoni

Idukki Nedumkandam

Idukki Thankamani

Idukki Kattappana 2 erattayar road

Idukki Kattappana

Idukki Kanchiyar

Idukki Upputhura

Idukki Anackara

Idukki Wagamon

Idukki 1st mile

Idukki Kuttikanam Elappara road Pallickunn

Idukki Kumily

Idukki Kuttikanam(Kuttikanam Mundakayam road)

Idukki Vandiperiyar

Idukki Mundakkayam(Mundakayam Kuttikanam road)

Ernakulam Aryankavu

Ernakulam Puthenkavu

Ernakulam Aroor  Thoppumpadi  road

Ernakulam Kumbalam Panangad bridge

Ernakulam Aroor

Ernakulam Nettoor

Ernakulam Udyamperoor

Ernakulam Near Alexander Parampithara bridge

Ernakulam Parippu jn

Ernakulam Thiruvankulam

Ernakulam Karigachira

Ernakulam Aavoli

Ernakulam Anicadu

Ernakulam Irumbanam

Ernakulam Valakom

Ernakulam Mudickal

Ernakulam Muvattupuzha pvt bus stand

Ernakulam Marine drive

Ernakulam Kaalamukku

Ernakulam Kadathi

Ernakulam Kakkadasseri

Ernakulam Vazhappally

Ernakulam Pattimattom

Ernakulam Njarackal

Ernakulam Mannoor

Ernakulam Keezhillam

Ernakulam Oonukal

Ernakulam Vimalagiri College junction

Ernakulam Kozhippalli

Ernakulam Arackapadi

Ernakulam Kothamangalam Govt hospital

Ernakulam Nangeli padi

Ernakulam Varappuzha bridge – 1

Ernakulam Varappuzha bridge – 2

Ernakulam Odackali

Ernakulam Thaqua nagar Thandekad

Ernakulam Koonammavu

Ernakulam Cherukunnam

Ernakulam Paathipalam

Ernakulam Perumbavoor signal MC road

Ernakulam AM road Perumbavoor – 2

Ernakulam Iringol

Ernakulam AM road Perumbavoor – 1

Ernakulam Muvattupuzha KSRTC junction

Ernakulam Kaduval jn

Ernakulam Cherayi padam

Ernakulam Perumpadanna North Paravoor

Ernakulam Mannam

Ernakulam Thamara valavu North Paravoor

Ernakulam Manjali bridge

Ernakulam Athani

Ernakulam Nayathodu, Mattor  airport  road

Ernakulam Mattoor

Ernakulam Kalady Malayattoor road

Ernakulam Malliankara

Ernakulam TELK – 2

Ernakulam TELK – 1

Ernakulam Moothakunnam

Ernakulam Vengoor

Ernakulam Angamaly nh jn

Ernakulam Angadikadvu

Ernakulam Kidangoor

Ernakulam Karayamparambu – 1

Ernakulam Karayamparambu – 2

Thrissur Valiyapanikan Thuruth

Thrissur Methala (Actual Location Arakulam)

Thrissur Ubazar-Eriyad

Thrissur North nada-Kodungalloor

Thrissur Maala

Thrissur Karupadanna(Konathkunn)

Thrissur Mathilmoola

Thrissur Mathilakam

Thrissur Thriprayar Temple Gate

Thrissur Edathirinji-Irinjalakuda

Thrissur RS road-Irinjalakuda(Don bosco view road)

Thrissur Irinjalakuda

Thrissur SN Nagar-Irinjalakuda

Thrissur Valappad

Thrissur Thalikulam

Thrissur Vadanappalli-Puthukulangara

Thrissur Arimbur

Thrissur Kuriyachira

Thrissur Chettupuzha Bridge

Thrissur Ancherichira

Thrissur Nadathara 2

Thrissur Nadathara NH

Thrissur Nellikkunn

Thrissur Civil line road 2

Thrissur Chettuva M E S center junction

Thrissur Round West, Thrissur

Thrissur Kalathode

Thrissur Poonkunnam

Thrissur Patturaikkal

Thrissur Puzhakkal

Thrissur Peringavu, Viyyur

Thrissur Vimala college

Thrissur Manathala, Chavakkad

Thrissur Thykkad, Guruvayur

Thrissur Mulamkunnathukaavu(Killannur)

Thrissur Athani bypass(Thrissur-Ottapalam road)

Thrissur Choondal

Thrissur Kunnamkulam

Thrissur Chowannur

Thrissur Vellarakkad

Thrissur Porkulam

Thrissur Pazhayannur(Vazhakkod-Alathur road)

Thrissur Aakkikavu – Perumbilavu

Thrissur Chelakkara(Vazhakod-Alathur road)

Thrissur Mulloorkara, Aattoor

Thrissur Kadavaloor

Thrissur Thiruvilwamala(Pazhayannoor-Lakkidi road)

Thrissur Cheruthuruthy

Thrissur Thalasseri, Aranattukara

Palakkad Vadakkancheri

Palakkad Ayinampadam

Palakkad Valliyode

Palakkad Mangalam Bridge

Palakkad Vattekkad

Palakkad Nedumani

Palakkad Ayakkad

Palakkad Keezhachira

Palakkad Pazhayannur  Road,  Alathur

Palakkad Thathamangalam – Pallimukk

Palakkad BEML(Menom para Rd)

Palakkad Paathikkal

Palakkad Panayoor

Palakkad Nalleppilly

Palakkad Kinassery

Palakkad Kadumthuruthy

Palakkad Kozhinjampara

Palakkad Vavanoor

Palakkad Kottayi

Palakkad Manapullikkavu

Palakkad Koottupatha, Marutha road

Palakkad Koduvayoor Rd, Kuzhalmantham

Palakkad Chakkanthara

Palakkad Ottappalam

Palakkad Thenariparamb, Koduvayur-Thrippallur Rd

Palakkad Mepparambu

Palakkad Pathirippala(PVDS)

Palakkad Pathirippala

Palakkad Nellukuthamkulam

Palakkad Chuvanna gate

Palakkad Guruvayur road, Pattambi

Palakkad Mitranandapuram-Lakkidi

Palakkad Murikkumpatta

Palakkad Parali check Post

Palakkad Mele Pattambi

Palakkad Pirayiri

Palakkad Vallapuzha

Palakkad Kongad

Palakkad Cherpalassery

Palakkad Thiruvazhiyode

Palakkad Koppam Jn- Palakkad 100ft Rd

Palakkad Kanjirani(Kongad-Sreekrishnapuram Rd)

Palakkad Kallanchola(Ponnamkode-Karakurishi Rd)

Palakkad Thenkara(Mannarkkad-Aanakatti Rd)

Palakkad Nellipuzha(Mannarkad-Anakatti Rd)

Palakkad Alanalloor

Palakkad Kottappalla

Malappuram Kootumuchi

Malappuram Naduvattom

Malappuram Kariparamba

Malappuram Kavil padi ,Edappal

Malappuram Parambilangadi

Malappuram Perunthallur

Malappuram Kadungathukund

Malappuram Kuttikalathani

Malappuram Kottapuram

Malappuram Pulamanthole

Malappuram Thazhe palam, Tirur

Malappuram Onappuda, Kulathoor

Malappuram Moonnakkal

Malappuram Amminikkad, School padi

Malappuram Manathumangalam

Malappuram Nadakkavu, Tanur

Malappuram Perinthalmanna

Malappuram Jubilee Jn, Angadippuram

Malappuram padapparambu

Malappuram Thadathil valavu

Malappuram Edarikode

Malappuram Kodakkal

Malappuram Chattiparambu

Malappuram Puthur bridge

Malappuram Perunthallur-2

Malappuram Mankada, Verumpulakkal

Malappuram Koottilangadi

Malappuram Nooradi bridge

Malappuram Parappanangadi

Malappuram Kuttalur

Malappuram KK Jn, Biyyam

Malappuram Konompara, Melmuri

Malappuram Marancheri

Malappuram Kolathuparamba(Kottakkal-Malappuram road)

Malappuram Kodakkallu, Kunnumpuram

Malappuram Pandikkad(Payyapramba)

Malappuram Vazhaparapadi

Malappuram Thurakkal, Manjeri

Malappuram Kadappadi valluvampuram

Malappuram Changaramkulam

Malappuram Nelli parambu, Manjeri

Malappuram Kodangad (Kozhikode-Malappuram road)

Malappuram Alungal, pulikkal

Malappuram Muchikachola, Naduvath

Malappuram Cherumon,Edavanna

Malappuram Arekode

Malappuram Edavannapara

Malappuram Thazhe chandhakunnu(Janathapadi padikkunn)

Malappuram Palunda

Kozhikode Nallalam

Kozhikode Beypore

Kozhikode Nallur

Kozhikode Mathottam

Kozhikode Kallayi

Kozhikode Vaidyarangadi(Palakkad road)

Kozhikode Station link road

Kozhikode Calicut beach

Kozhikode Mananchira(PVDS)

Kozhikode Pavamani road

Kozhikode Mananchira

Kozhikode Narikkuni

Kozhikode Anakuzhikara(Kuttikattur)

Kozhikode Kavil(Omasseri-Koduvalli Rd)

Kozhikode Ramanattukara West(Ferok road)

Kozhikode Chevarambalam

Kozhikode Vellimadukunnu

Kozhikode Kunnamangalam

Kozhikode Pavangad

Kozhikode Mukkam(Kodiyathur)

Kozhikode Kattangal

Kozhikode Poonoor (Actual Location name – Eranhikkal)

Kozhikode Madrasa Bazar, Koduvalli

Kozhikode Puladikkunn Jn(Eranhikkal-Puladikkunn road)

Kozhikode Pantheernkaav(Mankav road)

Kozhikode Puthoormadam(Perumanna pantheernakav road)

Kozhikode Vattakkundungal

Kozhikode Karikkamkulam(Kakkdoi-Eranhipalam road)

Kozhikode Nanmanda

Kozhikode Erakkulam(Vengeri-Balusseri road)

Kozhikode Thazhe Omasseri

Kozhikode Balusseri

Kozhikode Vattoli bazar

Kozhikode Ulliyeri

Kozhikode Purakkatteri(Atholi-NH road)

Kozhikode Engapuzha

Kozhikode Korappuzha(Kozhikode city-Vengalam Road)

Kozhikode Naduvanoor

Kozhikode Payyoli Beach road

Kozhikode Kizhur

Kozhikode Meppayyur

Kozhikode Thiruvangoor(Atholi-Thiruvangoor Jn road)

Kozhikode Kakkad

Kozhikode Pannimukku

Kozhikode Perambra

Kozhikode Sand Banks Road-Vadakara

Kozhikode Thiruvallur

Kozhikode 2/6 Koothali

Kozhikode Vadakara Old bus stand

Kozhikode Peruvattam Thaazha(Vadakara town road)

Kozhikode Villiappally

Kozhikode Kuyimbil, Paleri

Kozhikode Cheriyakumbalam

Kozhikode Kuttiadi

Kozhikode Orkkaterry

Kozhikode Edacheri

Kozhikode Paikkalangadi, Thottilpalam

Kozhikode Kappad(Thiruvangoor-Kappad beach road)

Kozhikode Kakkattil

Kozhikode Meppayil(Meppayil-Vadakara town road)

Kozhikode Nadapuram

Kozhikode Kallachi

Kozhikode Chettuvetti, Nadapuram

Wayanad Lakkidi

Wayanad Chithragiri, Vaduvanchal

Wayanad Vaduvanchal

Wayanad Meppadi

Wayanad Kalpetta

Wayanad Ambalavayal

Wayanad Kainatti

Wayanad Muttil

Wayanad Sulthan Bathery

Wayanad Meenangadi

Wayanad Kaippanchery

Wayanad Kottakunnu, Sulthan Bathery

Wayanad Kambalakkad

Wayanad KSRTC Dipo

Wayanad Padinjarathara 2

Wayanad Kambalakkad, Pallimukku

Wayanad Padinjarathara

Wayanad Kenichira

Wayanad Karimbummal, Panamaram

Wayanad Pazhanchana, Vellamunda

Wayanad Tharuvana

Wayanad Nadavayal

Wayanad Panamaram

Wayanad Panamaram bridge

Wayanad Payode, Manthavady

Wayanad Thalassery road, Manthavady

Wayanad Vayalkarara, Kattikulam

Kannur Parimadam, new Mahe

Kannur New bus stand Thalassery – 1

Kannur New bus stand Thalassery – 2

Kannur Koduvalli gate NH( Kannur Kozhikode road)

Kannur Koduvalli gate NH(Kozhikode Kannur road)

Kannur Koothuparmba (Iritty Thalassery road)

Kannur Thottada

Kannur Thayil

Kannur Mele chovva(Mattannur Kannur road)

Kannur Mele chovva

Kannur Muneeswaram Kovil Road

Kannur chalad(kannur valapattanam road)

Kannur Ancharakandi (airport Kannur town road)

Kannur Thalap

Kannur Chakkarakkal (Kannur Mattannur road)

Kannur Uravachal (Thalasseri Mattannur road)

Kannur Chathurakinar (Mattannur Kannur town road)

Kannur Puthiyatheru (Kannur Kasargod road)

Kannur Mattannoor hospital jn(Thalasseri Iritty road)

Kannur Chalode (Mattannur Kannur road)

Kannur Mattannur (Mattannur airport road)

Kannur Mattool south,(pazhayangadi matool road)

Kannur Mangattuparamb

Kannur Keeriyad

Kannur Punnad(Iritty Kannur road)

Kannur Kambil

Kannur Payancherimukku (Paiancheri junction Peravoor road)

Kannur Payincheri ( Peravoor Payincheri junction)

Kannur Iritty (Thalassery Iritty bridge)

Kannur Iritty (Iritty bridge Thalassery road)

Kannur Irikkur (Irrikkur Thaliparamb road)

Kannur Mayyil

Kannur Puthiyangadi (Chootad beach Mattool road)

Kannur Pazhangadi – 2,(Payyannur Kannur road)

Kannur Pazhayangadi,(Kannur Payyannur road )

Kannur Madayipara

Kannur Vallithode (Mysore Iritty road)

Kannur Ulikkal (Ulikkal jn Iritty road)

Kannur Ulikkal (Payyavoor Ulikkal jn)

Kannur Manna (Thaliparamba Iritty road)

Kannur Chiravakku, Thaliparambu (Payyannur Kannur road)

Kannur Sreekandapuram (Thaliparamb Sreekandapuram road)

Kannur Payyavoor (Sreekandapuram Payyavoor road)

Kannur Payyavoor Town

Kannur Keloth, Payyannur

Kannur Sumangali cinemas Payyannur

Kannur Vankulath Vayal

Kannur Kannur City Hospital

Kannur Alakode

Kannur Cherupuzha

Kasaragod Thrikkaripur

Kasaragod Thankayam mukk

Kasaragod Padanna

Kasaragod Kalikadavu

Kasaragod Cheruvathur

Kasaragod Cheemeni

Kasaragod Neeleshwaram

Kasaragod Panathur

Kasaragod Choyyomkode

Kasaragod Puthiyakotta

Kasaragod Kanjangad 1

Kasaragod Kanjangad 2

Kasaragod Athinhal

Kasaragod Kalanad Jn-1

Kasaragod Madiyan

Kasaragod Chithari

Kasaragod Pallikere

Kasaragod Bakel bridge

Kasaragod Odayamchal

Kasaragod Kalanad Jn-2

Kasaragod Palakkunnu

Kasaragod Kundamkuzhi

Kasaragod Meleparmba

Kasaragod Kuttikol

Kasaragod Madiyan Jn, Madiyan-Kulom road

Kasaragod Old bus stand Jn, MG Road

Kasaragod Press club Jn

Kasaragod Kottacheri ROB-Beach road

Kasaragod Bovikanam

Kasaragod Cherkkala Jn

Kasaragod Cherkkala

Kasaragod Hosdurg(Puthyakotta)

Kasaragod TB road, Kanhangad

Kasaragod Ballath(Chammattam vayal Jn)

Kasaragod Kottapuram(Nileswaram Rd)

Kasaragod Mulleria

Kasaragod Nadakkav-Udinar Rd

Kasaragod Seethangoli

Kasaragod Badiadka 2

Kasaragod Badiadka 1

Kasaragod Kumbla 2

Kasaragod Kumbla 1

Kasaragod Bandiyod

Kasaragod Uppala-Bekur Road, Kaikumba

Kasaragod Perla

Kasaragod Hosangadi

Kasaragod Bandadka

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