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What is a PVC Laminate finish?

PVC Laminate is made with composite artificial material majorly used in carpentry work like furniture of beds, doors, and modular kitchens.

It is generally prepared by pressing flat paper and plastic resin in different layers.

The uppermost layer is deliberately covered with a decorative pattern or color.

Basis AcrylicLaminate
Look and Feel Acrylic laminate is usually considered for high-end kitchens. It adds to the looks of the space and makes the space bigger.The laminate finish has more variety of textures like matte, gloss, natural, and wooden textures. Therefore, the visual appearance & feel of laminate is more muted. 
Colour and VarietyAcrylic finishes are scratch-resistant and do not delaminate over the years maintaining a glossy appearance over time. PVC laminates range from matte, gloss, high gloss, and different natural textures such as stone and wood. 
MaintenanceDue to their gloss nature, handprints are easily visible on them and they require regular cleaning. PVC laminate sheets are low maintenance.
DurabilityThese are available in a wide range of solid colors, patterns, and textures like metallic and wood look-alike finish.Laminates are heat, UV light, and moisture resistant and can be treated for anti-bacterial properties. 
CostAcrylic cabinets are usually more costly compared to laminate despite their seamless aesthetics and long durability. But laminate sheets provide more wider variety at a budget price. 
AvailabilityThey are widely available and in a good range mostly in solid colours but it’s not available in new patterns or textures.They are widely available and in a good range mostly in solid colors but it’s not available in new patterns or textures.
Environmental impactConsidered to be non-toxicResins and binders could be used while the making process can cause minimal amounts of off-gassing.
RepairsReplacing and reframing acrylic usage after several years depends on the availability of the same sheet. Replacing laminated sheets after years is not such a task. However, the replacement will appear to be brighter and cleaner than the older one. 

What’s Your Choice?

As highlighted above, both options can work well but in different circumstances and when used in varied places.

You have to choose wisely by seeing its properties and nature, hence it is difficult to tag and say which is the best.

However, we cannot comment or suggestions from our experience if you are someone who would like both or what is your budget for acrylic.

So we can offer a solution wherein that case, you can think about using the acrylic finish in the above shutters but laminates on the under-counter cabinets. 

As we suggest using an acrylic laminate on the overhead cabinets, which adds to the aesthetics and visual appearance of the kitchen.

To complement the acrylic, you can use laminates on the under-counter cabinets because they require less maintenance and also contain antibacterial properties.

If you are confused about playing with different materials and someone who needs help with decorating your kitchens, please reach out to Advance Laminate where we offer everything you need and we would be happy to help you buy laminate sheets or acrylic finish laminate!

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