Ways With Words 14-18 july 2021

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Word School -Memoir Writing about Kith and Kin FE2 9.30-11.30am Dukes Room Debbie Warne (1) Memoir Writing Workshop

Bring your black sheep, illicit loves, heroes and heroines and even the odd skeleton to these workshops.

While the tradition of sitting around the fire or the kitchen table telling stories has all but disappeared, Debbie Warne promotes the idea that no one is more eligible than kith and kin to write about their own bloodline, arriving, as it will, from the heart.

36 1.30pm Dukes Room £6 Rebecca Gethin (1) A Portrait of a Mother Rebecca Gethin had never seen her mother’s handwriting until she was given an envelope of flimsy letters sixty years after her mother had died tragically of lung cancer at the age of 32.

In these poems, that woman’s voice is heard again, and her daughter replies. All the Time in the World (Cinnamon Press)

Peter Stanford Jonathan Fenby 37 10am Great Hall Marie-Elsa Bragg John Bell The Glorious Ambiguity of Communication

Hymn writer, author and resource worker with The lona Community, John Bell explores how, in novels and poetry as much as in direct speech,

we are always dealing with experience, imagination, and nuances which colour our reception of the communications we receive.

Peter Stanford Luther-Man of the Moment On the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg,

Peter Stanford examines the man, the myth and the mass movement that his act of rebellion provoked. Journalist and broadcaster, Peter Stanford explores this complex.

often charismatic man of God. Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident (Hodder & Stoughton) Rebecca John Young Woman A Great Hall Ahead of her Time

£10 Ida John, first wife of the artist Augustus John, was a prolific letter writer.

Rebecca John, granddaughter of Augustus, reveals the untold story of their married life: the hurt and betrayal as the marriage became a three-way relationship;

Ida’s acceptance of the other woman Dorelia; and how she navigated this unorthodox marriage.

The Good Bohemian: The Letters of Ida John (Bloomsbury) Tracy Chevalier Bullying and Betrayal

Acclaimed author of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ Tracy Chevalier discusses her latest novel “New Boy’ in which the tragedy of Othello is transposed to 1970s suburban Washington.

With echoes of the current climate in the USA she explores the casual racism, jealousy and bullying of the school yard.

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First semester Ways With Words Calicut University (Literatures In English) For calicut University B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA Students

Ways With Words Book PDF Free Download

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