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Vehicle Towing Receipt Form PDF Free Download

Vehicle Towing Receipt

A vehicle towing receipt is a document used to prove that the services rendered by a tow truck were paid for by the owner of the car, truck, or motorcycle which was towed.

Often a hookup fee will be charged initially followed by a set price per mile; however, many tow companies include the first few miles in their base fee.

The terrain and location of the vehicle, as well as the number of operators, may affect the overall price.

The receipt enables any tow truck operator to accurately describe the vehicle, the reason for towing, and the summary of charges being applied.

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How to Write

1 – Save The Car Towing Receipt To Your Machine Or Cloud

You can view the receipt template in the image on this page.

When you are ready, determine which file version suits you best then select the button with the correct label.

You may choose “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT.”

2 – Identity The Transaction And The Towing Company

The first task set by this document will be to identify itself to its Recipient (Customer) in an obvious manner.

Therefore, use the two blank spaces at the top left part of this page to present the receipt “Date” and the “Receipt #.”The top right part of this page will seek a presentation of the Towing Company or Tow Truck Owner Operator that has towed the vehicle.

The first line in this area (“Company Name”) requires that you produce the complete legal name of the Tow Truck Company or Business.

The Towing Company’s complete business address must be included in this area.

Two blank spaces labelled “Address” and “City/State/ZIP” is presented as an area to record this business address.

Finally, as a courtesy to the Customer, submit the Towing Customer’s “Phone” number and “Email” address where required.

3 – Produce A Full Report On The Towed Vehicle And The Provided Services

The next portion of this paperwork, “Vehicle Information,” is composed of several labelled spaces.

Each of these will require an entry so that the towed vehicle can be adequately described on this receipt. First, some of the towed vehicle’s general information should be input on the lines “Make,” “Model,” “Year,” “Tag #,” and “VIN #.” We will need to report on the Owner and the towing service he or she ordered.

First, place the legal name of the “Registered Owner” on the appropriately labelled line.

The job will be presented in a quick summary in the next three blank spaces.

The line labelled “Vehicle Location” will need the physical address where the Tow Truck Operator physically found the vehicle and the Vehicle Owner furnished its contents.

This report should be followed with the address of the physical location where the Tow Truck Driver dropped off the vehicle on the line labelled “Vehicle Towed To,” and concluded with a brief statement on why the vehicle needed towing on the line “Reason For Towing.”

The table at the centre of this paperwork is composed of three columns you can use to define the job that was performed, paid for, and generated this receipt.

The “Description Of Services” part of this table will need a detail of each billable action the Tow Truck Operator took with the Customer’s vehicle during this job so that it can be towed properly or so that it can be serviced properly.

Each action should be on its own row.

The “Cost” of every billable service is a requirement of this table as well and is placed in the second column. 

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Vehicle Towing Receipt Form PDF Free Download

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