Understanding Human Nature By Alfred Adler

Understanding Human Nature Book PDF Free Download

Understanding Human Nature Book PDF Free Download

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We attribute a soul only to moving, living organisms. The soul stands in an innate relationship to free motion.

That organisms which are strongly rooted have no meses city for a soul.

How supernatural it would be to attribute emotions and thoughts to a deeply rooted plan 1 To hold that a plant could, perhaps.

Accept pain which it could in no way escape, or that it could have a presentiment of that which it could not later avoid.

To attribute reason and free will to it at the same time that we considered it a foregone conclusion that the plant could not make any use of its will.

Under such conditions the will and the reason of the plant would of necessity remain sterile.

There is a strict corollary between movement and psychic life. This constitutes the difference between plant and animal.

In the evolution of the psychic life, therefore, we must consider everything which is connected with movement.

All the difficulties that are connected with change of place demand of the soul that it foresees, gather experiences, develop a memory, in order that the organism is better fitted for the business of life.

We can ascertain then in the very beginning that the development of the psychic life is connected with movement.

And that the evolution and progress of all those things which are accomplished by the soul are conditioned by the free movability of the organism.

This movability stimulates, promotes, and requires an always greater intensification of the psychic life. Imagine an individual to whom we have predicated every movement.

And we can conceive of his psyche life as at a standstill. “Liberty alone breeds giant. Compulsion only kills and destroys.”

AuthorAlfred Adler
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Understanding Human Nature Book PDF Free Download

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