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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

In the year 1866, the whole maritime population of Europe and America was excited by an inexplicable phenomenon.

This excitement was not confined to merchants, common sailors, sea captains, shippers, and naval officers of all countries.

But the governments of many states on the two continents were deeply interested.

The excitement was caused by a long, spindle-shaped, and sometimes phosphorescent object, much larger than a whale.

The different accounts that were written of this object in various log books agreed generally as to its structure, wonderful speed, and the peculiar life with which it appeared endowed.

If it was a cetacean it surpassed in bulk all those that had hitherto been classified; neither Cuvier, Lacepède, M. Dumeril, nor M. de Quatrefages would have admitted the existence of such a monster unless he had seen it with his own scientific eyes.

By taking the average of observations made at different times-rejecting the timid estimates assigned to this object a length of 200 feet.

As well as the exaggerated opinions which made it out to be a mile in width and three in length-we may fairly affirm that it surpassed all the dimensions allowed by the ichthyologists of the day if it existed at all.

It did exist, that was undeniable, and with that leaning towards the marvelous that characterizes humanity, we cannot wonder at the excitement it produced in the entire world.

On the 20th of July, 1866, the steamer Governor Higgen’s son, of the Calcutta and Burnach Steam Navigation Company, met this moving mass five miles off the east coast of Australia.

Captain Baker thought at first that he was in presence of an unknown reef: he was preparing to take its

exact position, when two columns of water, projected by the inexplicable object, went hissing up a hundred and fifty feet into the air.

Unless there was an intermittent geyser on the reef, Governor Higgenson had to do with some aquatic mammal, unknown till then.

Which threw out columns of water mixed with air and vapor from its blow-holes.

A similar occurrence happened on the 23rd of July in the same year to the Columbus, of the West India and Pacific Steam Navigation Company, in the Pacific Ocean.

It was, therefore, evident that this extraordinary cetaceous creature could transport itself from one place to another with surprising velocity.

Seeing there was but an interval of three days between the two observations, separated by a distance of more than 700 nautical leagues.

Fifteen days later, two thousand leagues from the last place it was seen by the Helvetia, of the Compagnie Nation ale, and the Shannon of the Royal Mail Steamship Company, in the Atlantic.

As the Shannon and Helvetia were of smaller dimensions than the object, though they measured 300 feet overall, the minimum length of the mammal was estimated at more than 350 feet.

Now the largest whales are never more than sixty yards long, if so long.

These accounts arrived one after another; fresh observations were made on board the transatlantic ship Le Pereire.

The running foul of the monster by the Etna, of the Inman line; a report was drawn up by the officers of the French frigate La Normandie; a very grave statement made by the ship’s

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