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Trailer Bill Of Sale

A trailer bill of sale reassigns ownership of equipment used for transporting items.

They can hold farming supplies, boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and other heavy machines or equipment.

The seller discusses the trailer’s condition, sale price, and payment method with the buyer, and then uses this information to complete the document.

Its value depends on many factors, such as its type, size, age, manufacturer, and materials used. Open-air trailers do not have a covering, meaning they provide less protection to the cargo.

On the other hand, enclosed trailers stow the object in a walled container and shelter it from damage.

How To Sell a Trailer

Buying a trailer is actually pretty straightforward. Just take a look at our short step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 – What Type of Trailer is it?

Trailers can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the type.

There are many types of choices from the list below:

Hauling Trailers




Farm Animals

Flatbed Trailers



Dry-Van (Enclosed) Trailers


Not Refrigerated

Vehicle Carrying Trailers


Enclosed / Open

Single / Multi-Vehicle

Once you know the type of trailer it’s best to get the number (#) of axelslengthyearmaximum weight (lb.), and any other specifications that would be beneficial to a prospective buyer.

Step 2 – How Much is the Trailer Worth?

Unlike traditional vehicles, trailers often come in unique shapes and sizes.

Coming up with a price is determined mainly by the type of trailer rather than the manufacturer (brand name).

It’s best to view comparables (comps) to what others are selling (best to find in your local area).

Chances are there will not be an exact match, but at the very least should be able to find a closely related trailer.

Step 3 – Listing for Sale

Before making the listing, it’s best to clean the trailer of any debris and paint over any rust that exists.

This will allow for the best pictures when making posting online.

When listing for sale, it’s best to use the following online and offline options:

Online (most popular)

eBay (Trailer Webpage) (most popular)

Trailer Specific Websites


  • Newspaper
  • Local Classified Magazine / Newsletter

Step 4 – Meet with Potential Buyers

Agree to meet with prospective buyers in the hopes that the trailer can be sold for the asking price. When speaking with any party that is looking to purchase, ensure that they are qualified by asking them what they will use the trailer for and if they have the cash necessary to complete the sale. Most lenders will not make underwrite a loan for a trailer unless a boat or other vehicle is apart of the sale.

Step 5 – Negotiate the Price

This usually will depend on the papers and documentation the seller has for the trailer.

Separate from the title, if the seller has receipts showing that important items such as the axles or tires were repaired or replaced recently, chances are the seller will get close to their asking price.

If the seller does not have any documents, including the title to the trailer, the buyer may view the trailer as a higher-risk investment and may want a significant discount in order to be motivated to purchase.

Step 6 – Complete a Bill of Sale

On the form, the following information is required to be included:

  • Purchase Price ($);
  • Buyer’s name and Mailing Address;
  • Seller’s name and Mailing Address;
  • Trailer Details;
    • Make;
    • Model;
    • Year;
    • 17 character VIN; and
    • Other important details of mention.
  • Date of sale;
  • Witness’s signature, name in print and date; and
  • Notary Acknowledgement (if applicable).

To ensure each party is who they claim to be, it’s highly recommended that the buyer and seller both bring government-issued identification with them (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Use these instructions to enter the details of the purchase in a line-by-line format.

Step 7 – Notify / Register with the State 

If the trailer is used, the buyer will have to get the title cleared and transferred by the seller before submitting an application for registration.

In most States, the trailer must be registered within 5 to 30 days otherwise it will be considered illegal to operate on the road.

Be sure to have the registration completed within this timeframe by submitting the bill of sale, title, registration application, and any sales tax to the Local Licensing Office (Dept. of Motor Vehicles or DMV).

At this point, the sale is complete and shall have no obligations to one another unless expressly stated in the bill of sale.

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Trailer Bill Of Sale Templates PDF Free Download

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