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Before you begin reading

The primary reason I decided to codify the Rational Male into a book came from a reader by the name of Jaquie. Jaquie was an older, married woman, who genuinely took to what I proposed about inter-gender dynamics on Rational Male.

Jaquie wasn’t exactly a typical reader for me, but she asked me to help her understand some concepts better so she could help her son who was about to marry a woman whom she knew would be detrimental to his life.

Jaquie said, “I wish you had a book out with all of this stuff in it so I could give it to him. He’s very Beta and whipped, but if I had a book to put in his hands he would read it.”

So it is for the sons of Jaquie’s that I decided to put this book out. And it’s in this spirit that I’ll need to ask you, the reader, to clear your head of a few things before you begin to digest any of it.

The Rational Male literally has millions of readers worldwide, so there’s a strong likelihood that you bought this book to keep on a shelf and loan to friends because you’re already familiar with its concepts.

There’s a certain power and legitimacy that the printed word has that a blog or some online article lacks, so if you already are a Rational Male reader be sure you do loan the book out, or encourage the plugged-in to read and discuss it.

If you are picking this book up for the first time, or had it handed to you by a friend or loved one, and have never heard of the Rational Male or the manosphere or have had any exposure to the ideas I put forth here, I’ll humbly ask that you read with an open mind.

That sounds like an easy cop-out – open your mind – it kind of sounds like something a religious cult would preface their literature with.

We all like to think we already have open minds and we’re all perfectly rational, and perfectly capable of critical thinking.

I ask you to clear your head of the preconceptions you have of gender because what you’re about to read here are very radical concepts; concepts that will challenge your perspective on women, and men, how they interact with each other, and how social structures evolve around those relations.

You will violently disagree with some of these concepts, and others will give you that “ah ha!” moment of realization.

Some of these concepts will grate on the investment your ego has in certain beliefs about how men and women ought to relate with each other, while others will validate exactly the experiences you may have had personally with them. Some are ugly.

The Basics


An unhealthy romantic obsession with a single person. Usually accompanied by unreciprocated affection and completely unrealistic idealization of the said person. ONEitis is paralysis. You cease to mature, you cease to move, you cease to be you.

There is no ONE. This is the soul-mate myth. There are some good ones and some bad Ones, but there is no ONE. Anyone telling you anything else is selling you something.

There are lots of ‘special someone out there for you, just ask the divorced/widowed person who’s remarried after their “soul-mate” has died or moved on with another person they insist is their real soul-mate.

This is what trips people up about the soul-mate myth, it is this fantasy that we all at least in some way share an idealization of- that there is ONE perfect mate for each of us, and as soon as the planets align and fate takes its course we’ll know that we’re ‘intended’ for each other.

While this may make for a gratifying romantic comedy plot, it’s hardly a realistic way to plan your life. In fact it’s usually paralyzing.

What I find even more fascinating is how common the idea is (and particularly for guys) that a nuts & bolts view of life should be trumped by this fantasy in the area of inter-sexual relationships.

Men who would otherwise recognize the value of understanding psychology, biology, sociology, evolution, business, engineering, etc., men with a concrete awareness of the interplay we see these aspects take place in our lives on a daily basis,

are some of the first guys to become violently opposed to the idea that maybe there isn’t “someone for everyone” or that there are a lot more ONES out there that could meet or exceed the criteria we subconsciously set for them to be the ONE.

I think it comes off as nihilistic, or this dread that maybe their ego investment in this belief is false-its like saying “God is dead” to the deeply religious. It’s just too terrible to contemplate that there may be no.

Truth to Power

Denying the utility of Power, vilifying its usage, is in itself a means of using Power Real change works from the inside out.

If you don’t change your mind about yourself, you won’t change anything else.

Women can change their hair color, their makeup, clothes, breast size, and any number of cosmetic alterations on a whim, or as they can afford them, but the constant discontent, the constant inadequacies they complain of are rooted in their self-perceptions, not how others really perceive them.

This is an outside-in mentality; hoping the external will change the internal, and it’s just this mentality that lesser men apply to themselves – the only difference being the application.

The Average Frustrated Chump (AFC for lack of a better term) has the same problem as the vain woman (OK, really any woman) – a lack of true self-understanding of their own problem.

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