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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book PDF Free Download

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I once read that people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened. Here, perhaps for the first time, I saw a man who truly knew himself, perhaps his highest self.

In his austere clothing, with the half-smile of a youthful Buddha gracing his supple face, Julian Mantle appeared to have it all: ideal health, happiness, and an overriding sense of his role in the kaleidoscope of the universe.

Yet, he owned nothing. “This brings me to the lighthouse,” said Julian, remaining focused on the task at hand.

“I was wondering how that fit into Yogi Raman’s fable.” “I TIll try to explain.”

he responded, sounding more like a well-schooled professor than a lawyer turned monk who had renounced the sensual world.

You have now learned that the mind is like a fertile garden and for it to flourish, you must nurture it daily. Never let the weeds of impure thought and action take the garden of your mind.

Stand guard at the gateway of your mind. Keep it healthy and strong it will work miracles in your life if you will only let it.”

“You will recall that in the middle of the garden stood a magnificent lighthouse. This symbol will remind you of yet another ancient principle for enlightened living: the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Those who are truly enlightened know what they want out of life. emotionally, materially, physically, and spiritually.

Clearly defined priorities and goals for every aspect of your life will serve a role similar to that played by a lighthouse, offering you guidance and refuge when the seas become rough.

WriterRobin Sharma
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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book Pdf Free Download

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