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The Hundred Dresses Book PDF Free Download

Hundred Dresses


TODAY, Monday, Wanda Petronski was not in the tier seat. But nobody, not even Peggy, and Modeline, the girls who started all the fun, noticed her absence.

Usually, Warda sat the rest to the last seat in the last row in Room 13.

She sat in the corner of the room where the rough boys who did not make good marks on their report cards sat.

The comer of the room where there was the most scuffling effect, most roars of laughter when anything family was said, and most mud and dirt on the floor.

Wanda did not sit there because she was rough and noisy.

On the contrary, she was very quiet and rarely said anything at all. And nobody had ever heard her laugh out loud.

Sometimes she twisted her mouth into a crooked sort of smile, but that was all Nobody knew costly try Wanda sat in that seat unless it was because she came all the way from Boggins Heights.

And her feet were usually caked with dry mud that she picked up coming down the country maks.

Maybe the teacher liked to keep all the children who were spe to come in with dirty shoes in one comer of the room.

But no one really thought much about Wanda Petronski once she was in the classroom.

The time they thought about her was outside of school hours, at noontime when they were coming back to school, or in the making early before school began.

When groups of two or three or even more would be talking and laughing on their way to the school and Then sometimes they waited fice Wanda-to have fun with her.

The next day, Tuesday, Waxis was no in school either. And nobody noticed her absence again, except the teacher and probably high Bal Byron.

Who sat in the seat behind Wanda’s and who could now put his long legs around her empty desk.

AuthorEleanor Estes
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The Hundred Dresses Book PDF Free Download

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